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Happy Birthday, Kuya Don!I remember seeing you the first time during my covenant orientation, I think, where you gave a talk. I was always shy around you then, because I really didn’t know how to talk to you. The first words you actually spoke to me was during the Sumulong Mega Camp, when I was looking at the participants in our classroom while Talk 4 was being given…I think you said, “Don’t be afraid…the light will shine in the darkness. God loves you.” Something like that. :)

Then I missent you a text quote, and then you asked me if I wanted to have YFC in my high school alma mater. Of course I said yes, because I’ve been dreaming of that since I got into YFC. It was then I became “volunteer-ed”. :P Haha.

You’re one of the people who really inspired me in my service in YFC. Your famous, “Mahal mo ba si God/Do you love God?” line always gets to us when you’re asking us to do something difficult but important. Your words are always comforting, and you never failed to make us happy just by smiling and greeting us. :)

I’m really, really thankful that I missent that message because if not, I wouldn’t have known someone as great as you. :) Happy birthday, Kuya Don, East High School’s own Winnie the Pooh! :) I miss you so much! Hope to see you soon. God bless you! ♥