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Captain Tal: my new Nokia 6233

Happy Labor Day everyone. It is so good to be able to take a break in the middle of the week — with pay! Haha. I wonder how it would feel when I finally have my leave. Yesterday was such a relaxing day at the office, that I spent most of my time working on a test script and watching CSI Vegas from Luis‘ recommendation. I will post about that next time when I have watched enough episodes. I’m only up to Episode 5. :P

Anyway, on to the curious title. After work yesterday, I met up with my mom and my brother to get one of my most awaited items for the year:

The (Ph)One that Almost Got Away :P

The (Ph)One that Almost Got Away

Yep, the phone is finally here, in my hands and it looks exactly like that picture. I wanted to have a black one but they only have the gray, so it would do. Although my phone seems to be darker than that…hmmm.

Anyway, I’d take pictures of the actual phone but my brother took the digicam with him on his Enchanted Kingdom trip with his girlfriend…so, no pics for now. =)

The little gadget’s name is Tal, or the whole name, Captain Tal. Who is Captain Tal? He is the leader of the group of angels in Frank Peretti‘s This Present Darkness. As mentioned, Tal is the leader of the band of angels protecting the fictional town of Ashton in This Present Darkness and one of the angels in charge of protecting Sally Roe’s life in Piercing the Darkness, the sequel. He is a great warrior, an obedient soldier and would does everything he can for the “saints of God and for the Lamb.” He’s my favorite among the characters in these two novels (which are also my favorites), and while I was thinking of a name for this gadget, this was the name that stuck.

So hello, Captain Tal. :P

Now, can anyone please direct me to any free ringtone downloads for this phone? I waaaaant. Also, should I put it in a crystal case or is a leather case enough? I’m prone to scratching my phones and I think I’m acidic, so my keypads tend to fade/chip when I use my phone…any help with that?

And does anyone have a DVD of CSI Season 1? It’s hard to watch online. :P

The (Ph)one that Got Away…and Came Back

This is a follow-up entry about my Smart Addict Mobile retention plan and new phone woes — yes an unexpected development!

So I was busy minding my own business last Monday, doing some work stuff and such when an unknown number suddenly calls my personal number. I look at it for a while, wondering if it’s a possible employer who found out about my skillz…so I answered it.

Me: Hello?
Smart Man (SM): Hello, good morning, is this [insert my Mom’s name here]?

I was dumbfounded for a while — why are they calling my number to look for my mom? Then I realized that it could be Smart.

Me: Uh…no, this is her daughter, I’m the one using this line…who is this?
SM: This is from Smart, we just want to inform you that your unit, Nokia 6233, is here.
Me: [pause] Ah okay.

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The (Ph)one that Got Away

As many of you may have read here, I was planning to buy a new phone using Smart Addict Mobile’s retention plans. You also may have read that I am not relying on Smart to give me a new phone anymore…and here’s the story.

My postpaid contract is up to end by July and by their promo/rule/whatever, I can avail of the new phone by the time I am on the 18th month of my contract onwards. That was roughly by January. I had my eye on the much-praised Nokia 6233 based on the comments I got, and we placed an application of it around two months ago. I was on the waiting list, and they said the new unit will arrive within two to four weeks and they’d call me once it was there. Four weeks later, I went back to the Smart Wireless Center where I applied to follow up our application and they said that there was still no unit available, and since there was a queue for applications, I’m still on the waiting list. Disappointing again, but it’s okay, I’m a patient person, I could wait.

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And yet another phone

So yesterday I was supposed to renew my Smart line (the 24-month retention thing) and get a new phone, a Nokia 6233. After all the thinking I did the last time, plus your comments, and after playing with Miguel‘s phone last Friday, I decided to go for the said phone. So off my mom and I to Smart Wireless Center in Sta. Lucia Grand Mall. I stupidly forgot the list I got from Robinson’s Galleria with the list of phones for the 24-month retention thing (I brought the new connection list), so we asked for another one…

…and there was no Nokia 6233 in the list. :(

Now I noticed some discrepancies from the list I brought to the list given to me, mainly on the dates. The one I got from Galleria last Monday was as of December 28, whilst the one my mom and I got was dated December 13. And since I wasn’t in the mood to ask about it, my mom and I decided to wait, because they said there’d be new handsets coming next month.

I was kind of sulking inside because I couldn’t get a new phone that day (my mom and I already set a perfect payment plan for the both of us, wherein we both win. The phone was Php5,800, and I would only pay Php800 for the entire thing, since my mom owes me Php10,000). I was texting my brother who was on his way to the mall to eat dinner with us when he said: Mag-high-end ka nalang kasi ‘tol (“Get a high-end phone instead, sis”). I told him the “high end phones” on the list doesn’t appeal to me; besides I don’t think the N-series is good since I’ve heard a lot of complaints about them. He then told me that the N-series is okay, they just happen to be big.

While my mom was paying for some of her decorative rocks at the cashier, I wandered out the department store and went to the nearby cellphone store to see the phones there. And then I saw the Nokia N73.

Before you think I’m such a doofus for not knowing about this phone while working in a telecommunications company, I’d like to say that yes, I know this phone. Thing is, I’m not good with remembering high-end ones because I usally don’t look at them. Main philosophy in this: if you can’t afford it, don’t look at it. So I don’t. I know it’s a great phone (it’s one of the first ones I’ve heard being raved about here in the office), but I know it’s out of my league so I don’t look at it.

Anyway, I saw the N73, and told my brother about it, who told me it’s a great phone and I should get that instead of the 6233. Now I must say it’s really tempting, especially now that I think I can afford it (with a few months of payment to my mother dear, of course). I like how the N73 looks — it’s not as bulky as the other phones from the N-Series, plus the camera looks great and there are so many nifty things to do with the phone…but is it worth it?

…It’s the first time I’ll be splurging on something this expensive for myself (P17,700 if I get it with the 24 month retention thing).

…It’ll be my first high-end phone ever. As in really high-end.

…Think of all the nifty things I could do with the camera and the other apps inside the phone!

…But people say the N series is slow.

…And I like the 6233. I like how it’s small, not snatcher friendly…and it’s affordable! I won’t have to pay anything else after buying it except for the P800 I have to shell out.

…But the N73 looks soooo nice. And…


As you can see, I am faced with some sort of dilemma: Which phone, which phone? I don’t want to buy something I’d regret later. I tend to look at phones that will go the long run and will stand the abuse I give it. ;) If you see how my 6020 looks right now, you’d know what I mean.

So now, my dear friends from the blogosphere, I seek your help (wow, so formal!). Which phone do you think is better? :P I’m such an ignoramus with these things; it’s time I get educated with this too. But first…which phone?

Specs comparison is here, by the way.

Okay, I’m off to meet my friend Pinky at Starbucks. Goodbye Monday! :D