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The (Ph)one that Got Away…and Came Back

This is a follow-up entry about my Smart Addict Mobile retention plan and new phone woes — yes an unexpected development!

So I was busy minding my own business last Monday, doing some work stuff and such when an unknown number suddenly calls my personal number. I look at it for a while, wondering if it’s a possible employer who found out about my skillz…so I answered it.

Me: Hello?
Smart Man (SM): Hello, good morning, is this [insert my Mom’s name here]?

I was dumbfounded for a while — why are they calling my number to look for my mom? Then I realized that it could be Smart.

Me: Uh…no, this is her daughter, I’m the one using this line…who is this?
SM: This is from Smart, we just want to inform you that your unit, Nokia 6233, is here.
Me: [pause] Ah okay.

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Intermittent Internet

New layout was supposed to be up last night, but because of the Taiwan Earthquake, Internet connectivity was intermittent. I couldn’t retrieve the directory list for my domain at all during FTP, and loading sites was a pain because it was just as slow as dialup. I ended up fiddling with my site’s layout, adding new plugins in my local server, which are all ready to be uploaded while talking to my friend on the phone. I sure hope that I will be able to access my domain via FTP tonight so I can upload the new theme.

Anyway, today’s the last day of work for the YEAR! Wow. Somehow the idea of work for the next year kind of scares me, like all I’m seeing for the coming year is a year full of work work work, unlike back in school where there’s summer vacation to look forward to. Hay, the costs of adulthood. But then again, it’s useless to look around and wish I am somewhere else because I believe I am here for a purpose, and because God has been faithful and is still faithful, I will stick to this until He tells me to move on. Lord, just give me a God-listening heart so I know when it is time to let go.

Anyway, because there’s nothing else to do, here’s one of the 2006 year-end surveys that can be found around the Internet.

What did you do in 2006 that you’d never done before?
Get a proper job and get paid for it. Turn 20 years old. Go to a Hillsong United-led worship. Go to Davao. Be really accountable to people.

Did you keep your new years’ resolutions, and will you make more for next year?
I made 10 and I successfully fulfiled 4. ^^; The others are done in half, like I did it sometimes or did it for the half of the year then stopped. I will make resolutions again next year, but this I’m going to make them different. More specific and such. :P

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