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A book blog and a new theme

I figure since it’s still January and it’s the best time to start fresh on new things, it’s the best time to open a new blog.

A little backgrounder: I’m not much into niche blogging. I tried it before, with a NaNoWriMo blog, a Pinoy Big Brother blog and even a WYD Sydney blog — both in an attempt to put a place for some posts and to monetize those blogs — but none of them ever stayed with me long enough to give me significant earnings or be as important to me as this blog. I have no patience to be a tech blogger because as much as I’m a techie, I’m not too techie to start a blog for it, and there’s no other topic I know of that feels like a good topic to blog about all the time. So no niche blogs, except for my fiction blog and this cryptic blog for hopeless romantics/cynics. Out of all blogs, this is the only one I really earn from, too.

Sometime last year, I got into some kind of blogging drought and I filled this blog with more book reviews that it looked more like a book blog than a personal blog. I didn’t mind, but I think some people did…and I felt really bad for making this blog deteriorate in content.

Since it’s 2010 and I want to challenge myself and I doubt my determination to do a Project 365 like some people I know, I thought of just starting a blog on something that I know I wouldn’t stop doing this year, which meant I would probably be writing about it more this year. Wait, did that make sense? What I meant was, I decided to start a blog on something that I write a lot about here in Refine Me, in an attempt to put those posts in a proper place and to give room for this blog to be the real personal blog that it is.

So anyway, this means there will be less blogs about books here because the book posts will now go to…*drumroll*

One More Page - my book blog!
One More Page – my book blog!

Image is fuzzy, huh.

Anyway, yes, all book-related posts will now go to my book blog, One More Page. I mentioned this in my last post, but I think I need to plug it again just for kicks. :P This is where all book reviews, book related squee-ing and news will go. If you’re a book blogger, or you just love books, be sure to visit. :)

But that doesn’t mean I won’t be blogging about books here every now and then. I mean, I’m practically inseparable from them already so it counts as “personal” right? Right!

On another note, have you noticed anything new for this blog? Shiny new theme! Yay! I was getting tired with the last one, so here we go. I didn’t design this one, but it should work for me. Like what we say at work: if someone else can do it for you, let them. Or something to that effect. :P

So there. There’s still another blog that I’m thinking of doing but I’m still not done thinking about it. I also want to set up a lifestream or something, since I did buy tinamats.com that redirects here. Hmm, let’s see, let’s see. :)

First Week of 2010

It’s been a while since I last posted. I am supposed to be translating some reflections right now, but instead, I’ve been setting up a new blog for the past few hours. Yes, this is me procrastinating. I kind of hate it, but I couldn’t stop it.

So before I go and start translating (yes, I’ll cram it in a bit), let’s see what happened in the past days of 2010.

Wakes and Birthdays.
The first weekend of 2010 had me going to two events that celebrate life: a wake and a birthday party. My teammate’s mom passed away a day before 2010, and it was really a sad thing. I can’t find the words to describe the pain, possibly because I don’t know the pain of losing someone close to me. And I pray that I don’t get to experience it anytime soon. :( The wake taught me, once again, to treasure the people around me, especially the ones I love.

The next day, I went to a surprise birthday party for a friend that we organized. It was a fun, fun, fun party, because the surprise was (almost) complete and we had a grand time screaming like it was the fans day that it was. :) Oh, and my friends and I fell in love with Grimace — look how cute he/she/it is when he/she/it sat down like a purple…well, poop? :)

Grimace! :)
Grimace! :)

After that party, it seemed like everyone will be getting surprise parties this year. Hm, interesting. Would this be the year I’ll get my own surprise? Who knows? Let’s see. :)

Work, work, work
It’s back to work, too, and good thing we don’t have too much work this week, yet. It’s proving to be a very challenging year, though, but it’s going to be fun. :)

Bad moods galore
I experienced the worst kind of mood swing last Tuesday, and until now I still feel ashamed of it. I snapped at a ton of people then, and I didn’t feel like talking to anyone at all. :( I figure it was just hormones, plus lack of sleep…and probably some other stuff, and every girl gets into a mood swing every now and then. I hope it doesn’t happen again, though.

Holiday fats begone!
I was serious in workout again this week because of everything I gained last Christmas. I wasn’t sure if my results were good for the week because I didn’t get to lift weights as much. So I was ready for less than stellar results for last Thursday, but surprise surprise: I lost all my holiday fats. :D My muscle mass went up, so there’s no change in the overall weight, but still! FATS ARE GONE! Wohoo~

Thesismates Reunion

This was us 4 years ago
This was us 4 years ago

Met up with my thesismates last Thursday before Ramie left. It was also the first time I went to Trinoma too — cue loser music here! :P Trinoma was an okay mall, I didn’t get to explore it yet, but I’m sure there are no outdoor fireplaces there. I don’t see the need, anyway.

Spent Thursday night eating and chatting with the three important guys in my school life. :) It was nice to talk to them and catch up and realize that, well, other than being thesismates, we are good friends. It didn’t feel like we haven’t seen each other for more than a year — and I guess that’s real friendship there.

Next big event for us (and for other blockmates, I guess) is *drumroll* Ramie’s wedding! It’s not until the end of this year, but I’m sure it’s going to be one big highlight of the year. :)

RPM, Baby
Earlier today was my second time to do RPM class — cycling class for those who aren’t familiar with the class — and even if I felt like fainting in the middle of the class, I managed to stand up at all parts of the class that needed standing. What a work out. I plan to master that class. :P

One More Page
After much thinking and realizing how much book posts are eating up my space here at my personal blog…I finally decided to set up my own book blog: One More Page. I’ve had a couple of posts inside already, so why not drop by and visit? :)

This blog would mean that there would be less book related posts here…which means I should get posting more…er, personal posts here.

That’s my first week of 2010 so far. I really should start working on my translations already…so I shall end my post here. How has your week been so far?