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Happy Holidays from Mac!

One of the reasons I became a Mac convert was because of their Get A Mac ads which my teammate made me watch one day at work. I have to admit these commercials were very funny (and very smug), and I think the actor who plays the Mac is cute. :> Well he is! I guess it’s part of their advertising campaign, to make the Mac look good (which they really do) and make the PC look entirely boring by making them do only computations (which is not entirely true). Their commercials also make fun of Windows Vista a lot (heh), and continue to stress the point that Macs can run both Mac OS X and XP and Vista better than PCs do. I can’t answer that because I haven’t put XP in Aslan yet, but it seems as if they run just fine. I do feel sorry for PC in their ads (especially because I work for a PC company), but still, their commercials never fail to bring a smile or a laugh.

This year’s Christmas commercial is just as funny. If we’re friends in Yahoo! Messenger or gTalk, you might have seen my status: He sees you when you’re in sleep mode. This is where I got that line:

[youtube cakzu9eWpsU]

Hee hee! =)) It’s pretty desperate, but I just find it funny. :) But I still like using a PC (but I love using a Mac), especially since Guilo, my office PC is doing a superb job (so far). :D

Happy Holidays from Aslan!