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New version, new layout

Because I had nothing else better to do tonight, plus I spent the entire day working on this, I decided to upload the new layout and upgrade to WordPress 2.1. Yay. Unfortunately, there are still some things I have to upgrade in this layout and change for the new WP version, which will have to wait until tomorrow because it’s late and I have two birhday greetings to do and I have to sleep.

But in the meantime, enjoy this very…pink layout. This might stay a while, as long as I don’t get sick of it. :P Some things are still kind of confusing me (like where did my next and previous links go??? never mind, I found it), and I hope I could fix them all by tomorrow. If not, I’ll try to get them all done this week. :D

Anyway, it’s bed time. I have to say that WP 2.1 looks spiffy. :P But like I said, it’s bed time. Good night everyone!

P.S. I know! Go drop by Godchicks while I fix this! :) Go on, click!

Hello world!

Testing, testing? Is this working already? All systems go?

Welcome to the brand new RefineMe.org! As you can see, I have put up a new layout (and my very first WordPress theme), and I started with a brand new (and empty) database. Why is that so? Besides the fact that I don’t think people read my archives (haha, bitter much?), I just want to start anew. :) Start fresh, start from scratch. I’m here to write more meaningful posts because I’m supposed to be mature like that. :P But one of the reasons lie along that line too.

Anyway, so this layout is obviously themed after my college graduation (YES, that’s me on the picture and not my nonexistent sister). The words on the header image are from Joy Williams‘ song entitled Say Goodbye from the album Genesis. I thought it was just appropriate for this current stage in my life, plus I really like the song, so there you go. The layout is mostly green because I’ll be graduating from this university and I thought it would be just proper to honor my alma mater by using the school colors. :)

Anyway, for now only the blog will be available since I am still in the process of re-writing the contents of the site. They will be available in the next few days so hang tight. :)

In the meantime, I’d really appreciate comments about the new layout and perhaps with the content as well, if you want say something about it too. If there are any weird things you see in the layout, then feel free to post a comment so I may fix it immediately.

There you go. Thank you for visiting the site and I look forward to sharing my thoughts with you until I get tired of doing so. Haha. God bless everyone! :)