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Rain, rain, where are you?

I’m trying out blogging on my iPod Touch, Macy, just for kicks. I’m using the WordPress software for the iPod and it’s pretty spiffy. I’m just hoping this post pushes through with our fragile and slow Internet connection.

So today everyone I know that resides in the Southern part of Luzon are getting ready for the storm FERIA, who was said to hit us by afternoon of this day. When I went to work there were some slight rains and I thought that was it, but it stopped and it hardly rained all day. The sky looked scary though, and it looked like we were in the eye of the storm.

But alas, no rain.

Rain where are you?

Not that I’m complaining. Seriously, as much as I like the rain, it can be so depressing. Plus it makes my commute so hard and inconvenient that I can’t help but wish that I have a car (and I drive). Hay. Plus its traffic everywhere when it rains here, and it makes people sick…with all talks of AH1N1 now, who wants to be sick?

Hay. I miss the sun.

I have a feeling it will rain later, so I’m praying that electricity won’t go out. There’s nothing more I hate than being in the middle of a brownout – there’s nothing to do and I don’t want to use any of my gadgets because I feel like they’d run out of batteries. And there’s no Internet.

Well would you look at that. This is kind of a long entry…right? Anyway I better quit this and get back to reading “The Shack”. I’m almost halfway done! That’s book # 44!  6 more to go!

Good night everyone, stay safe. :)

WordCamp Philippines 2008

When my teammate, Mike, arrived, I immediately ambushed him with this question: Would it be an ultimate geekery if I say I want to attend WordCamp Philippines 2008?

The answer was yes, but then again, I’m a self-confessed geek, so why would this matter?

Anyway, I heard about this from Kyameel, and I decided to register if only to revive my blogging life and to fully understand WordPress more, since I’ve been using it for years now (which reminds me…I have to upgrade!), and I don’t see myself using another content management system and I’ve been missing programming and developing, AND admission is free…so I thought, why not? :)

WordCamp Philippines 2008

WordCamp Philippines 2008 will be on September 6, 2008, at College of Saint Benilde, Taft Avenue, Manila (hello, Taft, I missed you!). This event is organized by the Mindanao Bloggers (thank you!), and is made possible by the following sponsors:

Who else is going? This will be my first second blogging event for the year (I remember, 2008 Philippine Blog Awards on August!), and I think it’s just time to “revive” my offline blogging life. :P

New version, new layout

Because I had nothing else better to do tonight, plus I spent the entire day working on this, I decided to upload the new layout and upgrade to WordPress 2.1. Yay. Unfortunately, there are still some things I have to upgrade in this layout and change for the new WP version, which will have to wait until tomorrow because it’s late and I have two birhday greetings to do and I have to sleep.

But in the meantime, enjoy this very…pink layout. This might stay a while, as long as I don’t get sick of it. :P Some things are still kind of confusing me (like where did my next and previous links go??? never mind, I found it), and I hope I could fix them all by tomorrow. If not, I’ll try to get them all done this week. :D

Anyway, it’s bed time. I have to say that WP 2.1 looks spiffy. :P But like I said, it’s bed time. Good night everyone!

P.S. I know! Go drop by Godchicks while I fix this! :) Go on, click!

Ten minute post

I’m supposed to upgrade my WordPress tonight but I don’t have time because I got home late and I want to sleep at 10:30 pm tonight, for a change. I’ve been trying to, really, but I always end up getting to bed at 11:30, which would make me have a hard time waking up and wish not to go to the gym, but I have to go to the gym.

And speaking of which, I have to pay for the gym within this month. The thing is, I have to pay 2,000 because my brother is also with me there and he already gave me his share of 1,000 but I spent it at Doulos. Now, I could wait for my next salary BUT I have to pay for February on January 27…but wait, we already paid for January…so that could last until the end of the month! Right? I hope so! Haha. That way, I could wait for the next salary and pay for the gym…that’s at the end of the month…that’s on…a Wednesday. Good. :)

It’s the first salary of the year and already I’m running low on funds. NOT GOOD. I need to save up for the next few days so my balance in my account wouldn’t go below 1K. Gah. That’s why I really am putting myself on a book ban/fast until June, so as I won’t have to spend anything on books. Until June. Why June? Because it’s OMF sale at June again. :P

I have two more minutes to this post and I still have to put the tags. Tomorrow’s another looooong day at work, and I have so many reports to finish and meetings to plan. Remind me next time to talk about passions, as in passions in life, and more on work and whatnot.

Oh and I still owe a post about forgiveness too.

I’ll get around to it.

Okay, one minute! Good night. :)