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Nine Twenty-Four Oh Seven

I have this insane desire to start writing on my blank Moleskine journal because of her entry, but I still have a journal that I haven’t finished writing on yet. Hmmm. Maybe I should just write on the other one tonight before I sleep. :) The Moleskine can wait.

Now I have this urge to name my Moleskine. Ahmm.

Today was a good day. Interestingly, nothing exceptionally good happened to me (like say, winning a contest or something), but I’m in really high spirits right now, and it’s good. Yes, it’s good. :)

Today was spent mostly at the office, finishing my leftover requests during the weekend after morning prayer, and then doing some team-related stuff right after. Then I was given this request to edit a Chinese website. I had tons of fun doing that, really. It was quite difficult yes, because of the special characters, but it was really challenging because I used my character recognition skills. Hah. I got to promote that page at the end of the day so all’s good.

And then there was that yummy lunch of fish, then the afternoon Holy Kettle Corn and strawberry milkshake (no wonder I gain all the weight). My meeting at Shangrila was cancelled tonight, but since my parents were waiting for me at Megamall, I had to go there so I could have dinner with them too. I was already at McDonald’s when the rain poured down harder, so I decided to just go back to the office and wait for my parents to pick me up instead. As I neared the building, I saw a familiar face waiting outside. Turns out it was Tin, a college batchmate, who just got out of her interview. She offered me a ride to Megamall and I offered her my umbrella so we could get to her car. Our feet were very wet by the time we got there, but it was okay.

Now, Tin and I weren’t really that close during college. We had some classes together, but we weren’t in the same circle of friends. I got to know her better because of their Catch 2t6 choir thing where they practiced in the dorm, and because my thesismate is a close friend/blockmate of hers. Oh, and we’re LiveJournal friends too. :P And if you know me in real life, I’m not the most “friendly” person around, nor would I let myself hang out with people I am not really close to before (Case in point, I saw a high school friend at Duty Free yesterday, and I pretended I didn’t see her. I don’t know if she saw me though. ^^; ). But on the ride to Megamall, we ended up talking about work, school stuff and some growing up things. It was really nice being able to talk to her, and I really pray she gets the job at my company as well. If that is not God’s will, I pray she gets the job that she will love. :D But it would be rad if she gets the position she’s applying for where I work. Like I said, we’re not that close before, but seeing her and talking to her really made my day. :D

When I got to Megamall, I met up with my family, had a yummy yummy dinner at Sbarro (gotta love Italian food!), and now I’m home. I’m supposed to work on my training slides tonight but I am not in the mood to, so I’ll just work on my outline and then work on the slides tomorrow. :P Crammer much?

This is such a Dear Diary entry, don’t you think? :)