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WYD 2008: Finances vs. Experience

[Cross posted from Mission: Sydney]

I know I haven’t been updating as much, and I’m sorry. I’ve been busy with job related stuff that I keep on forgetting that I owe this blog A LOT of updates.

So my last post, almost a month ago, was about me registering as a pilgrim for WYD 2008FINALLY. After long long wait and doubts, I finally got off my lazy bum and registered. :) It felt exciting and all, but after a few days, the excitement wore off and I suddenly wondered if I should still push through. I suddenly realized I had so much stuff to do — fix my visa, fix my airfare, buy winter clothes and save, save, save! I suddenly had doubts if I could pull it off financially. Do I have enough money? Can I pay for everything? I know my parents are there and all, and I could ask them for some help, but I’m already working; I want to finance this on my own, as much as possible.

And if I do manage to get enough finances…how about when I return? I’d be losing almost a year of my savings…can’t I just continue saving and go to Australia (or other places) another time?

But…this is World Youth Day. This is a chance of a lifetime. The next WYD might be too far and even more expensive for me to go.

See, I’m talking to myself.

But anyway, I know my savings might be gone after this trip, and it’s only for a week. And when I get back, salary’s like three weeks to go. How the heck will I survive, especially with my bills? :| Going to Australia isn’t as cheap as horse supplements, you know.

That’s worse case scenario of course. I know I won’t blow off all my money, and probably for airfare I can use my trusty Lizzie or Sylvia the credit card to save me some of the immediate cash out when I buy the ticket. Plus I’ll be saving more because I know my accommodation and food are paid for with my registration. But I still can’t help but think if I want to postpone this for another time.

BUT THEN…what I’m talking about is just money. I know it’s important, but I know I can never replace the experience I’ll be getting from this entire thing. Cliche as it may sound, this is a once in a lifetime experience. I’ve been praying to go to Australia for two years now; why stop now when it’s practically within reach? Right? And this is like, the biggest Catholic youth event ever, and other people are dying to go. The experience is definitely going to make a HUGE dent on my finances…but I’m pretty sure the ENTIRE experience is worth it. Right? I can earn the money back after, but I can never replace all the learnings that I will be getting from this entire…adventure. Yes, this is an adventure. :)

Soooo…go lang! :) Let’s see where this brings me. :) I pray that God provide me the grace (and finances :D) to go through with this trip. Please pray with me? :)

The Australian Dream

So…Australia. Sydney, specifically.

No, I’m not planning to migrate there or anything. But it’s no secret that I’ve been planning to go to the World Youth Day 2008 since last year. And I’ve been planning to go to Sydney since November of 2006. It’s a tall dream, which I think (like…50/50) I can afford on my own and something I’ve been wanting to do for the longest time but is only having the courage to do so now. At least, start something.

But the thing is…I don’t know who I’ll be going with. See, I heard last month that the screening for Philippine delegates was finished last November. There were no announcements, no nothing. I have no idea if anyone is planning to go from SFC, I have no idea if there are any other groups planning to go. My friend from Singapore offered me a spot at their group, which means I’d be going to Singapore first, but then I think it fell through since it would be easier if I come from here since I’ll be getting my visa here too.

So here’s the question: should I go through with it?

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