When life tells you to rest, you rest

Getting sick for no reason is a sure sign of something: your body needs rest. I should know; I’m doing that right now.

So yesterday’s allergies became a cough and cold today, with slight wheezing that feels like asthma. I don’t know how allergies turned out to be this way, but maybe it’s also because of the cld? And the stress? And…well, maybe life is just telling me to take it easy today and rest.

This meant no Combat again today…so sad, so sad. I wanted to go out too, because of all the plans that my friends and I have today, and I feel kind of bad to beg off. :( Meds are an option (no, no acne treatments, of course, what use would I have with that now?), but I think my body really needs rest. But it’s okay. Better rest than get even sicker, right? No one wants that.

I should write about my fitness ideas and stuff soon. Maybe even start a blog about it. Who knows?

So what plans today? I will…

  • Eat right. Since I won’t be able to work out, my diet for today is important — no indulging or splurging on things that I can’t burn off anytime soon.
  • Read. I’m starting to get into Persuasion already, and if there’s anything I learned from reading Pride and Prejudice, it’s to keep on reading even just a few pages of the novel everyday so I won’t get lost. So it’s Persuasion day again!
  • Write. Be it my novel or a short piece of fiction for Wordplay, it would be nice to write.
  • Catch up with TV. TV shows galore — I have a bit more to watch for a while, so maybe later?
  • Journal. Yeah, writing again.

I wanted to go shopping today, but it looks like I’d have to skip that for now. Shopping is tiring yo. I can do that over the week, or maybe even next week or something. Right now the first priority is to rest.

At least I have no fever. And no sore throat. My asthma meds are making my hands shake though — hello Ventolin, we meet again.

It’s nice to stay at home for a change, though. I kind of missed this.

* Image credit: sxc.hu