When you hear this chorus

Also known as: Mayday Parade in Manila…well, a bit of it, anyway

So, I meant to blog, but as always, I haven’t blogged much. That just never change lately. Oh well. But I see a blogging event coming soon, so…wait for it.

In the meantime, I will leave you with this. Last week, I went to my third concert for 2011. This is one of those concerts that I did not think I’d go to, if it weren’t for some people convincing me to go with them. Not that I mind, of course, since I ended up liking the band anyway. It’s kind of nice to do that, be a part of a screaming fan crowd and also kind of watch it too. I like the novelty. :)

But anyway. I can’t say much, because, well, I’m not really a fan (yet), but it was a great night. Meralco Theater had good acoustics, and the band was so hyper. The screaming fangirls were awfully loud, but I guess that’s what happens when you’re a fan. Oh, and I still can’t get over how thin the lead vocalist is.

So I apologize for the lack of pictures. Some people can recap the event better than I do, really. But here’s a video of one of their hit songs, Three Cheers for Five Years:

[youtube 5ybOVLkXois]

And another, my favorite, but it’s the song with an insanely long title that I have a hard time remembering the entire thing. Seriously.

[youtube ENohXVsGOmw]

Now if only they have happier songs…

Hurricane Switchfoot

Also known as: Switchfoot in Manila 2011
Could also be known as: The best band in one of the best concerts this year.

Almost four years ago, I kind of had the best 24 hours of my music-loving life. I was part of Switchfoot‘s street team on their first visit to Manila, and it was one event that definitely goes down in the books. One that I will always, always look back on fondly. I didn’t have much proof because I was too busy, except for some parting shots like this:

Jon Foreman, circa 2007
Jon Foreman, before leaving Manila in 2007. Tim and Chad in the background.

And this:

With kababayan, Jerome Fontamillas

When news came out early this year that Switchfoot will be coming back to Manila for their Hello Hurricane tour, there is no doubt that I would be there to watch it. During their first visit, the producer was our friend so she recruited us to help her sell tickets and manage the event. It was chaos, but hey, it was fun. This time around though, it was a different group producing (our friend had long retired in concert production business), so my street team friends and I talked about volunteering again. However, because of busy work schedules, my best friend/concert buddy Happy and I just decided to be an audience on this concert.

But of course, we had to get the best seats we can manage. And that’s where having volunteer friends come in handy. :)

VIP ticket. Row A. Nothing less from the BEST BAND IN THE WORLD.

How close is VIP Patron Row A to the stage?

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But I must confess you’re so much more than I remember

Also known as: Anberlin in Manila!

I think I heard all about Anberlin from my college batch mate, Anne, who blogged about them sometime in college. I was kind of picky with my music back then (and until now, I think), so I didn’t really pay attention until I somehow downloaded one of their songs and somehow liked it. I got their albums, but I wasn’t able to appreciate them yet because I felt they were too heavy for me. It wasn’t until I was finally working that I paid attention to them and realized, “Hey, Anberlin’s a really great band!”

Suffice to say, Anberlin became the anthem of my early working life. I remember relating so much to Time and Confusion and Never Take Friendship Personal, and how they used to be my gym music and how I can’t pick just one favorite song. They became one of my quick-to-recommend bands, along with Switchfoot and Mae. Want new music? Listen to Anberlin!

So when I heard that they were going to Manila in March, there was absolutely no way I would miss it. Knowing their tickets were very cheap too got me more excited, and it was time to round up the concert buddies to watch this long-awaited show.

Anberlin in Manila


It was last night. I claimed a pre-birthday vacation leave, just as what I did last year for Paramore. I had no expectations with the concert, really, except enjoy their songs and the show and the company. I only wished for them to play A Day Late, but I saw a set list posted somewhere and it wasn’t included. I decided that it doesn’t matter anyway — as long as I get to hear them play.

So concert day, Happy and I arrived at A-Venue a little later than the usual (my fault, sorry) but we still got a good view at the left side of the stage. There were so many people in the VIP, which was expected because it was pretty cheap. They were selling booze and smoking was allowed inside, which kind of surprised me, but hey, there is a first time for everything, I guess.

Three front acts played and then there they were. HELLO ANBERLIN.

Wohoo! Probably the best shot I got of the whole band from my vantage point.

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