Also known as: On beauty, and being beautiful. This is probably a very vain post.
Note: If you were in one of the photos below, I apologize for the embarrassment of unearthing old photos. ^^

“You know I never really felt pretty until now.”

Perhaps it was the alcohol speaking. The words just came out while my friends and I were discussing things, and it was the first time I admitted that thought out loud where people were listening to me.

I backtracked a bit to clarify. “I never felt…you know, beautiful. Until now. After I’ve lost weight. And fixed myself a bit.” Oops. It didn’t turn out to be a clarification, but a confirmation of sorts. Oh well.

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Back in college, when I was active with in my Catholic youth community, I attended several talks about femininity and being a true woman. I was told that I was a princess, that I am beautiful and I should love myself the way I am. Because God loves me. And that should be enough. I really and truly believed all that…


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Look Ma, I have style!

Also known as: Guest blog at Jana Styles

So let me take a break from all the Europe-related posts (I still have about…5 posts for my Europe series) and talk about something a bit more…girly. :) Yay.

I love that my friends are starting to blog. I love it even more that the blogs reflect their respective personalities and interests, like books, travel and fashion. The thing with IRL friends blogging is we get to feature one another in our blogs. Hee.

And without further ado…look, I’m featured in my friend Jana’s blog! Jana is one of the fashionable people I know, and she’s our (un)official stylist at work. She knows my closet, and she’s the person I go to when I need some outfit advice. She started her fashion blog a little over a month ago and it shows not only her awesome personal style, but her colorful personality (believe me, it is colorful — our bridesmaids dresses for her upcoming wedding proves that!) and her hot new figure (sizzle! :D).

Jana Styles

In my guest post, I talk about…well, clothes, shoes, accessories and of course, some books. :) Click here or on the image below to read more!


Writing this post told me that I do not have enough solo full-body photos. I must remedy that. Oh and that 26 dresses thing next year? :P Wait for that! I’m going to have to make sure I have 26 dresses by then. Haha. Anyway, be sure to drop by at Jana Styles and say hi! :)


Also known as: I fell in love with a pair of white strappy platform heels.

For my brother’s wedding, I bought myself a pair of black strappy heels. I’m not a heels person, and that black pair was probably my highest pair of heels ever.

And then I fell in love with wearing them.

I still hate having to wear heels for a long period of time. But that’s the thing I learned in wearing heels: don’t commute in them, don’t stand in them for too long. If you’re not used to wearing heels for the entire day, don’t wear them if you’ll be on your feet more than half the time.

I realize why other girls I know love wearing heels, too. Heels make your legs look prettier, makes you walk better, gives you a better posture. I’ve also proven that heels make me look thinner because I can’t slouch when I’m wearing heels, and it makes me pull my tummy in because I’m standing straight. Some of you may think it’s shallow, but heels make me feel pretty, even if it’s just for a while.

And the trick is picking the right kind of heels.

Anyway, just after lunch earlier, my teammates and I were walking at the mall when I spotted a pair of pretty, pretty white strappy heels by display at Eastwood Mall. It was from VNC, so I decided to check it out. Nothing wrong with fitting them, right?

Oh, but my friend, I fell in love. They were so pretty. And pretty comfortable, too. And…pretty. ♥


They’re probably the highest pair I own right now, and I know it being white isn’t going to be very easy to maintain…but still. SO. PRETTY. I love it. :) Plus I got a 10% discount for this, so it’s pretty good.

And pretty. ♥

I can’t believe I’m squeeing over a pair of shoes now. I never thought I’d see the day. I used to squee like this only for books! But hey, a girl’s allowed to change, right?

Now I only need a pair of wedges (saw another pair in VNC earlier and it’s very pretty too!), and the much-awaited and long-hunted perfect red shoes. :)

Can you believe that I actually wrote an entire entry about shoes? LOL. I can’t believe it, either.