¡Feliz aniversario!

Also known as: Seriously, I don’t need to put this line, really.

I have several posts lined up for posting/writing in this blog, but all of them would have to wait because this is more important! :)

This day one year ago, I went to Europe to join World Youth Day in Madrid.

YFC/SFC WYD 2011 Team
Our only complete group photo, with Kuya Marlon. :) Hola, YFC/SFC WYD 2011 Team! :) (Photo credit: Sol)

Sometimes I still can’t believe that I can actually say/write that. Sometimes, it still feels like a dream.

But the rest of the time, whenever I remember the 16 days I spent traipsing around Europe, seeing the Pope, participating in World Youth Day events, meeting new friends and people I will keep for life, I smile and remember this line I wrote in my blog post that summed up my Europe series:

I am loved by a God who delights in making dreams come true.

How awesomely amazing is that?

Last year, I didn’t know how much this trip would change me, how much it would teach me of the grandness of God’s love. Interestingly, remembering all of it now is helping me face the things that I am facing right now. It’s funny how the answers to some of the questions you ask are the things you’ve already known for a long time.  Let me repeat it once again (more for me, really):

I am loved by a God who
delights in making dreams come true.

If you’re my Twitter friend or my Facebook friend, please excuse me if I tweet/post about Europe memories because…well, it’s fun. And I really, really do miss Europe, and everyone I met there. And if you want to go down memory lane with me, here are the posts!

I think I understand now how some people keep on joining WYD every time it happens: it’s expensive and tiring and crazy but being there changes you. There’s really just something about it that makes it such an exciting event to save for, sacrifice for and experience. So you bet that I am starting to pray and save for WYD 2013. :) By God’s grace, see you next year Rio de Janeiro!

If you were also in Madrid for last year’s World Youth Day, then let me extend my greeting to you: ¡Feliz aniversario! :)

The Question that Matters

Also known as: Because I need this reminder until further notice

When I started staying in the dorm back in college, I experienced what my college friends and I called “liberating moments”. I was an achiever back in high school, so getting good grades were pretty easy, but in college it became ten times harder so I became one of your average Janes as far as grades are concerned. I managed to keep my head above water during my first two years. Sure, I had two failing marks, but they were because the subjects were just so difficult. Then I started dorming and I noticed that I seemed to care less about my studies and more about org stuff and fun times.

Then I saw my midterm grade for Biology, a minor subject — it was a failing mark. And it shook me out of my liberating moment. So, in an effort to get serious, I decided to hang some signs at the dorm that said: I LOVE BIO. Then on my laptop, I switched the wallpaper from something cutesy to a black, plain one that states: MAG-ARAL KA. ((Translation: YOU SHOULD STUDY. Or better yet, STUDY NOW.))

I think it worked, because I passed Bio. The next term I switched to another wallpaper, this time it said,I’m too blessed to be stressed, because I had too many activities ongoing for me then.

So, after that long introduction, I realize that I should do something like that now so I would remember the One question that I really need to answer now:

Do you trust Me?

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50 Shades of Brave

Also known as: Pondering bravery

Yes, the title of this post is a corny play on the title of a book I will never read. But it sounded fitting for this entry, so let me use it.

Yesterday, some friends and I watched Disney and Pixar’s latest animated movie, Brave. I’ve been wanting to watch the movie for the longest time now since I’m pretty much a an of anything Pixar. I really liked the movie — it was a bit different from the other Pixar movies I’ve watched, but I enjoyed it a lot for the accent and the kick-ass lead girl (love her hair!) and the jokes. The movie tugged at the heartstrings too, as expected…but (unfortunately?) not in a way I expected it when I went in the cinema.

I hope this isn’t spoilery, but I guess I was kind of looking for a different kind of brave in the movie. You know, courage. The things that make us tough, the things that helps us face our fear. In Filipino, tapang. Those things.

And now that that got me thinking: what exactly constitutes bravery?

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