And so tomorrow’s my second weekend at the beach. Thank you dear company, for giving us funds and thank you Ynna for inviting me to join the club that organizes these activities. It’s super stressful and all, but it has its perks. Like last Saturday, I was with the advance party and I got a massage at night. Woooh. And there’s bonding with new friends and all, which pretty much makes up for a lot of the stress.

Oh, but the best part? Hitting the beach. Finally! Hearing the waves hit the beach, smelling the saltwater, feeling the sand in between my toes. Suddenly the heat of the summer isn’t so bad, yes? Wohoo. FINALLY, after more than a year!

Yes, it’s a sad fact. I didn’t get to go to the beach last year (let’s not get into why I didn’t get to).

Anyway. Like I mentioned, tomorrow’s our second batch for the company outing. I’ll be going, of course,but this time I won’t be sleeping over there. I don’t mind, since I want to feel how to ride the buses. :D Later I’ll be buying some clothes (yes, they’re my April clothes shopping thing, since I realized I haven’t bought new clothes this month yet :D) — shorts, swimsuit and all. It’s a pain buying some stuff though, because some of them are so small, they could be considered as baby clothes…or maybe I’m just really big. Heh.

I’m not sure if our team outing pushes through next week…but I do hope so! I just realized that I can never get enough of beaches, even if I’m not the bikini-wearing type or the beach sports type…I just love it because the beach is synonymous to relaxation to me. :D Just like how I see summer — even if it’s really hot, I like it because everyone seems more relaxed. :)

How about you? What are your other summer plans?

4 thoughts on “Beach!”

  1. I kind of envy you, I haven’t had a beach outing yet since summer started. When I read your post, it made me realize that May is coming. Only 1 more month and summer is over. Ni hindi pa ako nakakapunta ni pool! aack! no social life.
    I miss the waves of a beach. Yoko lang yung init ng araw from 10am-4pm, nakakasunog. Remember to put sunblock! haha. = )

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