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And Christmas is now over, it’s just five more days until 2007 comes to a close. As with a lot of bloggers around the Net right now, I’ll also be making a list of my own best posts of 2007. Vain much, I know. :P By best, I mean those that contain a lot of meat in them, the ones that gives fond (or sometimes not) memories. Let’s see if I can remember what some cryptic entries meant. ;)

Warning: this is an insanely long entry.


  • Never Take Friendship Personal (January 15, 2007) – this post was an angry post. I was annoyed at some people from my previous work who I thought were my friends, but then they stopped including me in their breakfast/lunch plans…in fact, they stopped talking to me altogether, and I had no idea why. Things loosened up around March when one of them was resigning. It hurt a lot.
  • Passions (January 18, 2007) – this post is the start of my doubting if I was in the right job. Note that I was only four months into the job then. I wondered about quitting, and the entire thought of loving your job.
  • On Crushes (January 26, 2007) – Just because this entry is so…hee! Boys are brothers, not prospects!
  • Parteeh Hangover (January 28, 2007) – Because this is the most link-loving post I’ve ever done. :)


  • MUfHH: Are you ready to be offered? (February 6, 2007) – One of my early meaty reflections, about trusting God and letting go. Reading this reminds me of how deep Oswald Chambers’ reflections can be. And how deep I can reflect.
  • For My Love (February 14, 2007) – My “mandatory” Valentine’s post. I love how positive this sounded. :D Haha.


  • Hurt (March 4, 2007) – Reading this entry still gives me an ache in the heart. :( Written after totally eventful night which I really do not want to happen again.
  • Cryptic Entry # 2: Why? (March 13, 2007) – Ah, I guess I can divulge the reason for this one. :) I wrote this after hearing from a friend that my low exam results in the pre-employment exam in the company where I currently work now did not make me qualify for the next step. How sad. But look where I am now. :)
  • The Great Adventure (March 18, 2007) – The obligatory (post-)birthday post, where I psych myself up for my 21st year.
  • Cryptic Entry # 3: I Want Out (March 23, 2007) – This is where I cracked from all the dislike I had for my previous job, because it seemed like people could not bear to give even the smallest of encouragement to their colleagues. Hay.
  • Skimming the Surface (March 29, 2007) – This is where I elaborated on why I wanted out. I just re-read the entry and was surprised at how emotional, broken and angry it sounded. Wow.

Other notable entries here are the “What happened when I was ___” in preparation for the birthday. :)


Interestingly, this month seemed to be filled with deep and semi-angsty entries about work. Did I really dislike it that bad? I knew I had a change of heart by the end of the month, but I never got to post about it (the draft’s still sitting in my dashboard).

  • No Comfort Zone (April 11, 2007) – My entry convincing myself to jump out of my comfort zone right before the YFC International Leader’s Conference in Naga.
  • Revolution of Hope, Part 1 (April 16, 2007) – The obligatory post-ILC post. I was supposed to write a part 2 (a really angry post at that) because of what happened at the end of the conference but I never found the words to post it.
  • Virginia Tech Massacre (April 19, 2007) – In the light of the Virginia Tech Massacre, I made a post that sort of kind of answered the ILC post part 1. This one is a bit similar to Skimming the Surface (March 29, 2007), only more centered on the tragedy. Here I stress the power of being present in another person’s life.
  • Overthinking (April 25, 2007) – Ah, one of my favorite entries. :)) This is where I had my slight change of heart about work, because of an exam/interview at another company where I realized after that I did not want to work there. After this, I felt settled down in my work for the first time ever. :D
  • Chocolate Revel Bars (April 29, 2007) – Just because I keep on referring to this one. I’m sick of baking this one because I’ve baked seven pans in the span of 5 days. O_o


  • Captain Tal: my new Nokia 6233 (May 1, 2007) – The Captain’s arrival, after it almost not coming and deciding to come. I’m very satisfied with this one, thank you very much. :)
  • On Graduation (May 9, 2007) – My comments on this article found in PinoyCentric. I still miss college, but not that much anymore.
  • Five Great Adventures (May 11, 2007) – One of my entries that got the most pingbacks because I submitted it as a part of Darren Rowse‘s Group Writing Project. No significant progress yet, except for the travel part, when I went to Singapore. :) I’m planning on tackling the driving thing next year.
  • An Insignificant Speck (May 14, 2007) – Bashing unlimited texting systems. Haha. Seriously speaking, this is the sad entry, the one where I felt so alone because I couldn’t find anyone to watch Spider-man 3 with. :(
  • I Won a Moleskine! (May 16, 2007) – Enough said. :D
  • The 7 People of Lamentations (May 22, 2007) – The emotional entry of the month. Haha. This is me being afraid that I will never be able to get out of the job I was previously in. This is what, the nth entry about this? It’s amazing how troubled I used to be with that. Wow.


For some reason, I just love this month, even if most of my posts are sponsored posts or memes. :D

  • Who is Triskal? (June 3, 2007) – The arrival of the 30GB iPod video replacement for Star, my 2-year old pink 4GB iPod mini. Still paying for this one. :D
  • Patron Saint of Lost Objects (June 7, 2007) – The day I lost my first cellphone ever. And it’s not even mine! T__T But I learned more about a certain saint that day, and even if I never recovered that cellphone, it gave me a new perspective. :)
  • Waiting for the Splash (June 11, 2007) – This was the day I sent my resume online to the company I am working for right now. Leap of faith!
  • Faith Like That (June 12, 2007) – This is my post after I read the autoreply email from JobStreet about my application the previous day. It (the email) was kind of a downer, but I felt I just needed to trust God and have faith.
  • Hard Decisions (June 23, 2007) – And finally. This is the obligatory “I resigned from my job” post. I talked about how hard it was for my to resign, even if I’ve basically complained about my old job and how I really wanted out. Life is ironic, yes?


My favorite month for 2007. :D

  • Identical Blue Men (July 5, 2007) – My first post about my new job, and how much I am loving it after the first three days.
  • A Moment I Was Made to Sing (July 13, 2007) – Another “I love my new job so much” post, and realizing how sweet this victory is compared to if I had won it earlier. :)
  • Stunned and Stupefied (July 21, 2007) – The day my old laptop, Ginger, crashed. :(


  • Perfect Life…Now What? (August 11, 2007) – The first time I started dealing with my deteriorating prayer life. Agh. I don’t know if there’s any progress with this.
  • Taking Responsibility (August 15, 2007) – Ah, the most “kilig” entry for the year, IMHO. This is where I talked about taking responsibility over my heart. :)

I just realized this month was filled with sponsored posts as well. Raket much?


My second favorite month, mostly because of the events that followed. :D

  • Happy Anniversary! (September 4, 2007) – My post commemorating my first year anniversary of being a part of the workforce, and my lessons of a one-year employee.
  • When I look at the Stars: My Switchfoot Night (September 12, 2007) – The highlight of the year :) This entry is not aptly titled, I just realized. It’s supposed to be 24+ hours with Switchfoot. Haha.
  • Spirit, fall fresh on me (September 18, 2007) – My post Switchfoot detox prayer, because I realized I need to stop talking about them and need to focus on the One they are singing for.
  • Goodbye for now, “Sylvia” (September 20, 2007) – The ultimate geekery: naming my credit card. My attempt on saving by not using my credit card. It worked! I was credit-card debt-free during November. Sweet.


  • The Hunt for the One Laptop (October 6, 2007) – This is when I unofficially became a Mac convert. I did not admit it then because I wasn’t sure if I wanted to get a Mac, so I posted these specs to see if there are worthy PC competitors with the specs and budget I wanted. Hah, no one crossed the line yet. :D *hugs Aslan*
  • Learning to Breathe (October 9, 2007) – Follow up entry on Perfect Life…Now What? (August 11, 2007). Sigh.
  • Bravo! (October 21, 2007) – My post about the award we won at work, which still lacks our photo. Heh.
  • OH HAI: On LOLCat Speek (October 23, 2007) -Just because I love how geeky and cute this post was. :D KTHXBAI. :))


  • Singapore Weekend Hangover (November 5, 2007) – The obligatory Singapore post. :D No photos though. :-s
  • Aslan, the Black MacBook (November 6, 2007) – Self-explanatory.
  • Night Shift (November 8, 2007) – My post about being on night shift. Not exactly the best thing…but I got used to it eventually. Of course, it destroyed my body clock, but who’s complaining? (Really, who is complaining? :)) )
  • Chimon, the Canon EOS 40D (November 11, 2007) – The post about my brother’s new toy from Singapore.
  • Craziness NOT Over (November 30, 2007) – My one and only semi-political post for the year, I think?


  • Happy Holidays from Mac! (December 21, 2007) – Heh. Only because the commercial is funny.
  • Once, I was a magazine model (December 23, 2007) – Where I reminisced on my “modeling days”. Right.
  • A Christmas Tale (December 24, 2007) – The obligatory Christmas post, which I have to admit, after writing, made me appreciate the reason why God sent Jesus to the world. I can’t wait for Easter now. :)

Whew! That was long! Hah. It’s been an eventful year, yes? It started out with me feeling all apprehensive because I felt 2007 would be a difficult year…and it was, but it had its own share of victories as well. :) Now if only the Moleskine planners I ordered would arrive now, I can start my 2008 planning. But while I wait, lemme ogle at the photo gallery at Amby Baby. EEEEEEH! ♥

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