Commercial from The Sandwich Guy

Just a little public service announcement as a favor to a friend. :) Some of you may have heard of the “phlegm incident” from a branch of The Sandwich Guy. It’s too long to post here, but to make the long story short, someone ordered a sandwich from this branch, and found out there was “phlegm” in the other half of the sandwich.

Yeah, I know, gross, right? I bet not even Rocky Patel cigars can take the taste off that, but then again what do I know?

Anyway, if you search around the Net, I think you’ll find enough info on that. But as I said, as a favor to a friend who is the marketing guy of Sandwich Guy (redundancy alert?), I’m posting their statement on this incident to help clear the air up.

Oh, and I’m removing the names, just because. Like I said, if you search around, you’ll probably find it.

The Sandwich Guy abides by the high standards of the food industry in sanitation and food handling. All its branches have an open kitchen and are designed primarily for customers to view the preparation of their sandwiches from start to finish. All its crew inside the kitchen wear aprons and hairnets. When the crew handles food, they wear food grade gloves. All the crew has passed the training for the sanitation and food handling as upheld in the food industry and approved by the franchisor.

The ingredients of the country tuna sandwich include cucumbers, tomatoes and lettuce which are vegetables with high water content. If these vegetables come in contact with freshly grilled warm wheat bread, it will give off some of its water content. The said customer states in his email that it was a colorless liquid that he found on his sandwich, the same colorless liquid which a cut cucumber, tomato or lettuce will give off when exposed to a warm surface such as a freshly grilled wheat bread, which we already explained to him.

The major allegations of the customer in his email blast against The Sandwich Guy are false. We have always been available to meet with him to try to address this issue in a professional way but after his email blast, we have no choice but to file legal charges against him.

To all our valued customers, we thank you for your continued patronage. We assure you that we are serving fresh and healthy food that you have been enjoying in the same high standards of sanitation and food handling upheld in the food industry. Thank you very much.

There are some lessons that can be learned from this situation:

  1. Always make sure to check what you’re eating.
  2. If there’s a way to fix things silently without any scandal or without involving other people, do so. It would save so much time and energy from both parties.
  3. Sometimes an apology is enough. Really. And maybe some kind of compensation.
  4. Whatever is posted online will forever be found online. So be careful what you email or post.

Okay commercial off, now back to regular programming. :)