Girl Talk Thursday: Pet Peeves

Since I couldn’t post Booking Through Thursday here anymore because I have One More Page, so I found another thing to post here. :D Hello, Girl Talk Thursday!

This week’s question is all about pet peeves. Oh boy, this should be good.

I know I’m not the nicest person around, but I do try to be patient when people do things that bug me or if there’s something that happened that I just didn’t like…but sometimes, my patience just won’t cut it. Especially if it’s any of the following:

  • People who stop right before stepping on the escalator to talk if they really want to go up/down. Or even if it’s just a single person who happen to stop before stepping on an escalator to text, or think or decide if they really want to ride it. Ugh, I always get a huge desire to push/kick people who do that. Seriously, please decide before you step on the escalator landing if you are really going through with it, especially if there are people behind you. You’re going to make everyone behind you stop if you stop, so don’t stop, especially if people are in a hurry.
  • People who hiss at me to get my attention. You know, the “psst!” It’s a Filipino trait, and it’s sad and it just…pisses me off when people do that. Sorry. I do that in writing, but in person…no way. Plus how hard is it to say “hi” or call the other person’s name?
  • People who have no concept of time. I don’t mind people being late, because I am late a lot of times too, but I hate it when people do not follow appointments. At this time and age, a simple text message can be sent immediately to inform the other party that they will be late — that is very much appreciated. Oh, and if I say I need to be at this place at this time, well, I really need to be there at that time. Seriously.
  • People who text this way: kmuzta p0h!!! Pleaaaase. Seriously, is it so hard to write the proper way? :/ I’m starting to forgive using “q” as a replacement for “ko”, but that’s really the farthest I’m going with here. No more. StIcKy CaPs get to me a lot too, so please. Just don’t.
  • Whenever I get the edges of my pants wet with rainwater. Or any kind of water, even if it’s from pond pumps. I hate the feeling of having wet pants legs, especially when I can feel it with my feet. Ugh.

Sorry, just saying what I think. But it’s really a matter of perspective. Like I said, I’m pretty patient and I hardly ever snap. But then again, I just said hardly. No offense to anyone, of course.

What about you? What are your pet peeves?