Enjoy the Ride

Day 17I am totally beat. And hungry. Not physically beat but mentally. I’ve been working on a really long work request since seven in the evening, and it’s made me sit in my chair for so long and I haven’t eaten dinner yet, and well…I’m just tired. And I want to go home.

And there’s no one to eat dinner with. :(

But anyway. There’s still so much to do this week that I don’t know if I’ll be able to do all of them. Ugh. So many commitments. Can we have more hours in a day, please?

What are those? Let me list them down:

  • Work, work, work. We’ll be having some sort of freeze next week so we need to finish everything that comes in this week by tomorrow. And…there’s just so much stuff that I need to finish that I think I’ll end up working on Saturday. :(
  • My goddaughter’s first birthday on Saturday — and I haven’t shopped for a gift yet.
  • The website for my brother’s photo booth business. Must have it up by end of the week!
  • Manila International Book Fair on Saturday!
  • My dad’s arrival on Saturday night!
  • NaNoWriMo 2009 preparations! Aahhh.

Not to mention working out, and all the other things that I still need to do. And want to do.

Guess who’s going crazyyy. 8-}

*breathes deeply*

Of course I still have time to blog. I’ve got half the mind to skip tonight’s entry, but I thought I’d pop in before I finally eat dinner. The only consolation tonight is that my brother’s fetching me so I won’t be commuting on the way home. At least there’s a silver lining today (among the others that happened, which I won’t really take the time to elaborate — sorry, it’s in a need to know basis :p).

Yes, enjoy the ride :)
Yes, enjoy the ride :)

There are some things that I am a bit excited about…but I also need to remind myself to be patient. As always. I think patience can be my favorite word now. Hm, what if I name a character after that? Huh. Why not?

But I digress. There are things I’m excited about but can’t be too excited about…so I’d like to use that little graphic to remind me to just enjoy the ride. Because…well, if I don’t, I know I’d end up wishing that I did once the ride is over. So…enjoy! :)

Even if my days have been a hit-or-miss the past few days/weeks, life’s good. I could still use more time praying because I’m struggling with it again, and there are things that I still want but I don’t have yet…but overall life is good. Because God is good. :)

I hope your week has been good too. :) If not, smile. It will get better. :)