Extended Weekends

I’ve been out all weekend, and while it’s already winding down, I feel like I’ve been out all week. And again, I’m using bullets because I’m too tired to make actual, coherent paragraphs to discuss my week.

  • Last weekend I went to the beach. Hello, Puerto Galera! It was a hot and fun weekend, but not without the stress of planning. I guess I was also extra bitchy then because I was about to have my period…so I’m sorry to everyone I snapped at. :( But yes, being in the beach was fun, and it was a nice getaway, even if it was just overnight. I plan to make an even more proper post, and I hope I get to write that soon.
  • I caught the blues middle of the week, and I blame my period. Bow.
  • Met up with a couple of friends over the week! Marvs and Cors on Wednesday, Marvs again on Thursday, then Cors and Toni on Friday. It was fun, even if it meant going home a bit too late every night and spending a bit, too.
  • I spent the long weekend with my family. Saturday, I was with my mom and brother while we waited for my dad at the airport (while watching One More Chance, wohoo!), then dinner at House of Minis. Saturday, I was with my mom and dad at the province, and then today, I was with my parents all day to buy last minute stuff for my dad.
  • I miss my dad arleady. :( And he’s still at the airport, waiting for his flight back to Saipan.
  • Toni, my best friend, is already on the plane on the way to UK. I’m going to miss that guy, but I know he’ll be back soon enough.
  • People are leaving left and right, and I’m kind of sad. :( I can’t do anything about it, though, except spend more time with the people I love before they leave.
  • Elections next week! I’m not yet done wth choosing my Senators or my party list or anything else. I have my president and vice president already; how about you?
  • Back to day shift this week, which is good because I won’t have to go under the heat of the sun to go to work. Gym at night, after the rains, too, so yay.
  • I have a lot of writing to do this week — not as easy as writing resumes, but I bet it’s going to be enjoyable.
  • Can you see how I’m just rambling and rambling here now?

I should stop and get some late dinner and get ready for bed. I promise to write more this week. I have too many things to write about.

Oh, one last thing. Anyone who knows where I can get a Belkin Sport Armband Plus for iPod Touch 2G here? I need one before May 30 — it’s so hard to find a nice armband for my iPod…and I’m a fan of Belkin, so I’m kind of willing to spend. :P

Have a great week everyone. :)