April Showers

Where did April go? Why is it ending so soon?

And look, it’s raining.

So my last post wasn’t exactly the happiest, and I admit that, but right now, things are better. I’m still having mood swings, but I blame the last days of my period on that.

Yes, TMI.

Anyway, look it’s raining. It’s been a while since the bottoms of my pants got wet, and there is some kind of a nostalgic feel to it. And the sound of thunder also feels like of nice, too. Strangely enough. I’m really trying to think positively of the rain and not remember the flood…and well, it’s taking a little bit of effort. And look, PAG-ASA just tweeted that there will be more rains tomorrow.

I’m trying to be happy for this, of course. As long as there’s no power outage, or flood, I’m fine, I’m fine.

Does this mean summer is over? :( BUT BUT BUT!!!

Rain is good. Say it with me.

Rain that lasts for six hours without stopping is not good. But rain like this is good, right?

Relax. Breathe.

Anyway, again. Where did April go? I can’t believe it’s already the end of April and May starts tomorrow. We’re now a month closer to the half of the year, to my brother’s wedding, to many other things, and…why is 2010 going by so fast? Is it even faster than Wait, I’m not yet done with you!!!

This is me panicking. And not making sense, unlike those insurance quotes…but wait, those don’t make sense to me, too.

* * *

Ever since the year started, I’ve been going out a little bit too much. I kind of feel guilty for always being out, but now I always try to make it a point to stay at home during the first weekend of the month, so I can remind my parents that I still live at home spend quality time with the people at home.

This weekend is turned into a long weekend and I started to make plans with some friends for Monday, but then I realized…no, I can’t make plans because my dad’s going to be here, and I promised to stay home for that. So this weekend, we’re heading to Batangas, but not for the beahc, but for some other family event. Monday, I’ll be in Eastwood again even if I don’t have to go to work, for some family thing and then we’ll head over to the airport to drop my dad off again. Hm, I wonder if I can get my family to watch Iron Man 2.

I wonder if it stopped raining already.

* * *

I’m waiting for some friends to get to Eastwood so we can have dinner, and while I’m here, I’m transferring files back to my old/new hard drive. :) I hope I can transfer all my files back tonight.

* * *

Relax, relax, Tina. God is with you and will protect you. He is bigger than the rains or the flood. Be still and know He is God.