February, February

Oh dear, where did January go?

Hello, February. We’re officially 2/12 into 2010, and how have you been?

I spent the last weekend of my January in Baguio — the first time I got back there since…wait, let me count…okay, 11 YEARS AGO. Wow. A lot has changed but I can’t remember what since my memory of my first visit in Baguio is fuzzy already. But it’s definitely very cold there, and it’s a feat to take a bath without a heater in the morning there. The food was amazing, and I’m happily eating strawberries everyday because of my stash. Yum.

On another note, February means another thing. And yes, I dare to write about it (even if my friends and I are saying that the only event on February 14 is Chinese New Year — and I’m not even Chinese), because…well, it’s my blog, and I can write what I want.

So there.

Wait, where was I?

Okay, again. February means another thing: VALENTINE’S DAY.

Valentine's Day

Ah. Valentine’s Day. Let me count the ways that this “holiday” means to me.

Or not.

Okay, perfectly honest moment? I’m not too excited about this coming February 14. Okay, I’ve never really been excited for Valentine’s Day ever, except maybe two years ago when we had an activity for that day. This year, aside from some plans with friends on the day before, there’s nothing. But then again, it’s not different from last year’s anyway.

I guess the real reason why I’m not too keen about February 14 because I have some leftover hang-ups/angst about…some stuff. I can’t really elaborate, but you probably know what I mean already, right?

It’s just hard to be happy-happy over Valentine’s when you don’t really feel like being happy. Especially when media is pressing it more to you — with TV shows, messages (no auto insurance quotes), gifts and anything to commercialize the holiday. It can get disheartening, especially when you know there’s nothing coming for you over the horizon.

Oh wait, that sounded bitter over there.

Sigh. But you probably know what I mean, right? I hate whining about my lack of love life because I believe it’s not something to whine about. Sometimes it’s just hard to keep on waiting.

Sigh (#2). But I will try. I told Cors that I’m still working on these leftover angst, and hopefully they’re gone by the 14th. I think there’s one thing I should do, and I really, really need to do that. Lord, I need to talk to You, soon. I need to stop being lazy with prayer and actually pray.

But right now…sigh.