Happy SwitchMonth!

Grace and I met up with Happy earlier during lunch and as we were gabbing about MacBooks and whatnot, I suddenly realized…

It’s been one month since the Switchfoot concert in Manila.

Awww! This time last month, I was still screaming my heart out during the concert. I can’t believe it’s been a month but there’s still remnants of the entire experience. :) I still miss them all, and I never fail to smile whenever I hear their songs, and I just love reading news about their tour (thanks to LOBH and Switchfeed!) and Jon’s blog. Although I’ve stopped listening to their songs everyday (haha, still on Matt Wertz mode!), their songs still have a special place in my iPod and my heart.

And I absolutely can’t wait for the next episode of the podcast (as Gharri would say, binibitin tayo!). I’ve been constantly checking my RSS reader and my mailboxes in case Mr. Andy Barron finally posts the new podcast with Manila in it. Andy! When are you going to post it?

[Right, as if they’re actually reading my blog. Hmmm.]

So to everyone who are involved in the Switchfoot concert last month — theStreet Team, the fans: HAPPY SWITCHMONTH TO ALL OF US! :)

And if ever one of the guys (Andy, Chris, Ryan, Jon, Tim, Jerome, Chad and Drew) ever drop by here even accidentally — Manila misses you! :)

Last work day of the week tomorrow! I’ve been so busy the past few days that it makes me wonder if I have enough time to finish everything. But it’s okay, I love my job anyway. :) Tomorrow I finish two pending requests (and more?) and then we have a team dinner at Marikina at night ‘coz it’s payday. Wohoo. And more stuff coming in this weekend, so I’ve got to keep my energies up. :)

Good night everyone. :D

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  1. Tina! How’s it going with your Sydney trip next year? Tsaka where is the WYD going to be held here in Sydney? Because if it’s in Olympic Park, the place that I’m moving to at the end of the year is only 10 minutes train ride away! :)

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