Her watercolored eyes they shine

In preparation for the arrival of Dave Barnes’ new CD in my hands (which will arrive around May :D), I’ve been listening to his songs from his past albums (Three then Four, Brother, Bring the Sun, and Chasing Mississippi). The thing I really love about Dave is that you get to love all of his songs over time. The first song I really liked listening from him was Grace’s Amazing Hands, followed by my love for his song Until You. And then there’s the sad Stay Away and the oh-so-happy Butterflies. As I was playing my Dave playlist, I found myself listening once again to one of his old songs which I never really paid attention to before, and now I’m loving it. :D It has this funky groove, the type you’d like to listen to while preparing for a night out with friends or driving somewhere on the way to an excursion, digital cameras in hand. Yeah. Makes me feel like summer all over again. :D

So without further ado, I share with you Someday Sarah by Dave Barnes from the Chasing Mississippi album. :D Happy Friday!


Dave Barnes

Her face can move a mountain
Her water colored eyes, they shine
Every breathe she takes, she takes a little bit of mine
She’s every woman’s envy
Her smile it rises like the sun
When you think you’ve come to the end of her, you’ve just begun

Someday, Sarah
Someday, you will be my baby
Someday, Sarah
Someday, you will be my baby

Her lips ring loud with glory
Her words they rattle and the hum
There’s no part of woman that she has not become
Her laughter peals like thunder
Her anger like the ocean tide
Her love is thick and sweet and it’s Sahara-wide

Someday, Sarah
Someday, you will be my baby.
Someday, Sarah
Someday, you will be my baby.

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