OMG and The Day of Action

I dubbed my day yesterday as my OMG (Oh my gosh!) Day, because of the number of things that I found out and talked about which made me feel so overwhelmed. Let’s see…I had about 5 discoveries/talks yesterday that got me thinking, “OMG OMG OMG”. Hence, OMG Day. I was supposed to post this last night, but internet at home is super slow once again. ><

But I shall only write about one of the OMG things yesterday as it’s the most relevant.

As the month of July draws near, I keep on wondering if I should push through with my WYD 2008 dream. Just last Saturday I was thinking that I might not be able to go there anymore because of financial reasons, and I’ve almost accepted it. There’s this “what if” whispering at the back of my mind, and some strands of regret that tells me, I should have tried harder.

And the latter thought sucks, by the way. I hate regretting things. And I feel like if I didn’t even try for this one, I would forever regret it. Or at least, regret it for the rest of the year.

I can’t remember how I got to checking airfares in the Philippine Airlines website yesterday, but I was doing that in the afternoon. I saw all airfares in their website is still out of my budget. Until my friend Marvs told me to check Ultimate Fares. I was ready to accept that the fare would still be expensive, and then Marvs told me of this one straight trip to Sydney via PAL that is around USD 760.

That’s like…PHP 10,000 less than all the fares I saw in the PAL website.


All of a sudden, the fire of the dream glowed brighter. Nabuhayan ako ng loob! I realized, with quick computation, that I could probably afford it. Most probably, leaning into the more positive side. I found a group of people to go with (yay YFC!). I found a reasonable fare (even if I’m still worried if that disappears). I talked to a friend who works with a travel agency and can give us packages for Sydney.

And suddenly, Sydney seems to be easier to reach!

So today, I finally did what I said I would do way back in February:

I registered as a Pilgrim in the WYD 2008 website.

Aaaahhhh!!! This is it! As what I called it before, this is my DIVE! This is when things start rolling, and I have to roll with it or else I’ll be left behind! I’m excited and scared and worried all at the same time, and this still doesn’t guarantee that I’ll be able to go, but I’m getting there. I still don’t know where to pull all my finances before I get there, but I’m praying things will all fall into place. Of course, I have to do my part as well — like work on my Australian Visa requirements and find more ways to save cash for the trip (donations are welcome, seriously).

I can do all things in Christ who strengthens me. Delight yourself in the Lord and He will give you the desires of Your heart.

I think I shall call this day The Day of Action. Today and the next few days, that is.

And yes, this means I’ll be updating Mission: Sydney again. :)

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  1. Good thing for you that your Sydney Dream is now within your reach. Enjoy the Sydney trip, okay? Don’t forget to update us.

  2. OMG nga! hahaha!
    i’m so happy for you tina! answered prayer again! :D let’s keep praying for more open doors! Keep me posted! God Bless!

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