Lazy Sunday

day twenty.

I think I missed the arrival of summer.

Ah summer. I don’t know if I missed you.

You know what’s funny about me and summer? I hardly get to go to the beach during actual summer time. Summer plans always fall through somehow. Most of the people I know take the opportunity to go some beach during the Holy Week, but family and beliefs make me stay at home and celebrate the week in a different way.

I can’t imagine going to the beach during Holy Week.

But I digress.

I wish it’s that easy to go to the beach anytime I want to, especially during summer. I wish the beaches are just one to two hours away, so I can always enjoy the salty air and stop complaining about the heat because who complains of the heat when you’re at a beach? Hearing the waves, feeling the sand between your toes and seeing everyone frolic by the shore in swimsuits (that may or may not fit better because of diet aids) and summer outfits just reduces the annoyance with the heat, don’t you think?


We’ve got a couple of beach plans and I really hope they push through, even just one trip for this summer. Just so I can actually enjoy the beach during summertime. I don’t care if it’s just some place near — bring me to the beach!!! We can reserve the higher, more expensive resorts sometime at the latter part of the year, when airfare and accommodation is cheaper. :P

So friendships! We are going, right? Let’s make it happen, please? :)

But right now I’d have to content myself with looking at beach pictures and hoping that I’d get there sometime soon. Sigh.