Manic Monday

I. Am. Sleepy.

Okay, not so much, but sleepy and lethargic enough not to want to work today. It could just be the morning thing, and because I didn’t have enough sleep last weekend (stayed up to 3:00am waiting for my brother in Eastwood after the old YFC East A2 oldies reunion where Pinky and I left early thinking my brother would be there early, but he got there late. Sunday, I didn’t take any naps at all because I was busy writing, and I wasn’t sleepy). I feel like I had a long weekend again, probably because I spent most of it awake, and having long weekends make me feel like lazy to go to work by Monday.

I need busier weekends. Weekends where I actually go out and do something instead of hanging out in the house. And the energy and will to do it.

This is also a perfect example of a time when I’d rather be in school. Again, I am craving the familiarity of school. Don’t get me wrong; I’m adjusting quite well with work, but sometimes I wish I was back there in the academe, worrying only about grades and projects and even thesis, and not having to do things that may be life and death of a company you’re working on (okay, or not).

Hay. I wish I could go visit DLSU again soon, but then it’s too far and I’m in the office the whole day and I still have writing to do by the end of the day. So it’s not really possible for now.

Or, I could get this Monday sickness out with a strong dose of caffeine or something. :P

Hay Lord. I also miss my old YFC days. I miss having households to look forward to. I miss going up to the worship place every 6:00pm, and then having dinner with everyone else who were at the worship. I miss sleeping over at Tuesday’s condo, staying up all night talking about things and watching Hillsong videos. I miss having conferences to look forward to, and singing my heart out in worship during those conferences. I miss visiting GK sites. I know SFC is here for me already, but I’m still adjusting, and it’s not like YFC campus based where I can go to the tambayan anytime and talk YFC stuff anytime I want to.

This is a bad case of Monday sickness. Argh. I want to go home. I want to sleep. I think I shall sleep early tonight for a change. I can put off writing just for tonight so I can rest. Right? I am ahead of schedule.

I need to stick by that. :P

Anyway. I have a New Employee Orientation in 13 minutes and the elevator takes a long time going down to the 18th floor. At least that’s a nice way to spend my morning? I think. Haha. Don’t let me be too sleepy there, please.

Lord, give me energy. Enable me.

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  1. (sorry for posting twice. I added the same comment to your other post accidentally)
    good luck on the orientation. yea, I only get like 5 hrs of sleep on a school night.

    By the way, could I add your link to my blog? I just started one and am trying to promote. If that’s okay with you, then post a reply comment on my blog.

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