New Moon Trailer

I haven’t exactly blogged it before, but to those who care (or not haha), here’s some news: I’m not exactly a Twilight fan anymore. I know I raved about the books before, but when I was done with Breaking Dawn, I wondered why I even liked the series in the first place. I have to say that the first three books were okay, but the fourth was really just blah, that every time I see a boxed set or any of the books in any bookstore I visit, the only reactions I have are either to gag or to laugh. No offense to Twilight fans, of course.

But that doesn’t mean I don’t like the movie. Okay, I didn’t exactly totally love the Twilight movie, it was okay. Bella is even better in the movie than in the book, except that I always imagined that Bella’s voice was higher compared to the Kristen’s.

But I digress. This just came out today:


Edward/Robert Pattinson is still the same in the trailer (although he seemed to be even paler here, like he had too much acne treatment), and I’m glad to see more of the Cullen family (at least at the start)…but the real and most notable of all characters in this trailer is (you guessed it right) Jacob. Taylor Lautner, since when did you get so buff? :P There’s just a little shot of him here, but that shot of him there just reminded me of Steven Strait from The Covenant. Don’t you think?

So, I’d have to say, I’m going to watch this movie, not because I’m a fan of the saga, but because of Jacob. Haha wait, did that make sense? But I will watch this. Jacob! ♥