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I just realized I haven’t posted for almost a week! That’s a record. Besides being busy at work, I really don’t have anything to write about. Shocked? Me too.

Anyway, so the past days I’ve been busy writing short things about him (I emphasize the quotes, and yes that’s a semi-new blog, go visit!), editing websites for work, reading, online training, watching this, going to press conferences, selling tickets, book shopping, working, and doing everything besides posting here. I know, I even missed the second Taste Asia event, but that was because I had dinner with two of my high school friends in Eastwood, and geography won over me there. :P My “blog social life” is dying, I know, but you guys still like me, right? *bats eyelashes* I hope so. I see an average of 7 people online everytime I check my site, so it’s got to be someone. Unless they’re all bots. Boo.

Wait, that’s not what I want to talk about. ADD moment, sorry. Anyway, one of the favorite topics at work is something that I used to do (but not professionally): photography. To those who don’t know, I took up a photography subject back in college which I admit I really liked. I loved being able to take photos, to see good ones come out, to scout places to have photo shoots and whatnot. Somewhere along the way, I lost interest, mainly because it was so expensive. FYI, I own a manual SLR camera (a Nikon FM10, for those who care), and I really liked using it. But let’s face it: film and developing isn’t cheap. I wasn’t that into photography to spend so much money on film, which is why I decided to settle for point and shoot digital cameras instead. Until I stopped taking pictures altogether (I was a docu person back then; I was required to take photos) just because I felt like bringing a camera was burdensome.

But like I said, photography is one of the hot topics at work, and it made me remember my shooting days (if you could call it that). I even dug up my old photography portfolio I passed for this class, saw my old photos and then found this essay I wrote at the end. I just have to laugh at what I wrote:

It’s enough to say that I underestimated the subject. I thought that I would be a “one shot wonder”. I was thinking too highly of myself then, and after a few day sessions at the photo lab, I realized that I took too much pride in myself. I learned how hard, demanding and expensive photography can be. I was forced to think and see outside my normal vision — is this photo telling a story? Is this picture also beautiful in other people’s eyes? Is this picture as good in black and white as it is in colored?

…As of now, I dont’ know if I’m the photographer type. I still like photography, but not as much as I used to before I started…

And then my professor left some comments in response to the last sentence in particular:

Just like photography, becoming one is a process. You’d never know. If you get to talk to professional photographers, you’ll be amazed how they started and ended up being a photographer. Still, patience is a virtue. It will come back…in time. :)

I’ve been thinking about that; about getting back into photography. All these photography talk at work is getting to me, plus the fact that I was surrounded by really awesome cameras a couple of days ago and got to talk to a really awesome photographer (Hi Pia!) whose stories inspired me to try picking up a camera again.

But right now I don’t know. I want to, but I guess I’m kind of afraid to try doing something but not following through. Like investing in a dSLR, in all those lenses and gadgets…it’s not as cheap as an lcd monitor. Then there’s actually bringing the big camera around…and continuously not being in any photos (which I really don’t mind…but I do like being in group photos). What if I get tired of it too soon?

Sorry, thinking aloud. :P

So now I’m torn. Should I get back to it, or should I not? If ever I don’t use the camera, my brother’s going to use it obviously…but somehow, I want to try it again. Take the risk and all that. Maybe I’ll end up liking it more than I used to. Who knows?

A couple of weeks into my new job, I was talking to my team leader, who is a freelance photographer and I told him, “I once dreamed of being a photographer too.” He replied, “Why not make that dream come true?”

Hmm. He has a point. Why not? And, as what my professor told me, it comes back in time. Is this the time? Should I or should I not?

What do you think?

16 thoughts on “Photo Talk”

  1. GO! The night is young, and so are you. just in case you get tired of your DSLR, just throw it at me and I’ll gladly keep it for you =)

    Blog life – yeah. Even Godchicks needs a post or two. And you still owe one. Though no worries, it’s goo you are so “into” your job. which is rare.

  2. Jun: Help me find a buyer for our manual SLR! :) It’s a Nikon FM10, almost three years old but barely used. I used it for less than a year and it still works perfectly. :) No scratches, comes with carrying case and external flash. :D We’re selling it at 10k since it wasn’t bought at Quiapo but at a camera store. :)

    And yes, I owe you a lot. I posted something at Godchicks today and I still have to write that Great Adventure post with regards to how I got this job. Haha watch out for that, that’s the one I’ll be sending you. :D

  3. I’d say the first step is to get a Digital SLR (not that I’m an expert).. but come to think of it, I developed this love for photography when I started capturing little things and people with my phonecam. I knew I had to get a DSLR sooner or later. Nikon user ka pala eh. Get a Nikon D40 na rin!! It’s really cheap, compared to other DSLRs, pero search for reviews and you’ll find out it’s a monster camera too. My Ninong Dave (whos a photographer) got himself a Nikon D40, even though he’s got D80 and D100 na. My churchmate, Tito Boyet, sold all his Canon lenses and his Canon 400D to buy a Nikon D40, kmusta naman un di ba. I got my D40 at 24K php. ;) Go daliii! Tas clickclick :)

  4. Riz: Haha laptop muna bago camera. :D Mas kailangan eh. I’m actually quite partial to Canon kasi ang daming Canon users sa office (which means, I get to borrow lenses from them if I get a Canon!). But, let’s see muna. My boss is lending me his Canon 350D when we go to Singapore, so let’s see how it feels and how it would look. :)

    I think I’d be a nature photographer or something…haha basta, yung tipong pang Hallmark chuva sana. Nangarap ba. Haha basta ganun. :D

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