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Labor Day

It’s way past May 1 already, but…belated Happy Labor Day! I am so happy that I am following Philippine holidays because it would be such a pain to go to work on holidays where all your friends are going out. Although that means there’s more complimentary day offs, I still love being off work on days when everyone else is also. ;)

So today I spent the morning fixing ticket orders for the Hillsong United event (just 24 days!), and then afternoon receiving payments and giving tickets for orders. Hahaha. It was crazy, I tell you, with me ordering tickets and getting a reply that there are still some then a minute later they’re gone. Crazy. I had some taray mode earlier, which is something I feel bad doing so but some can be just so annoying, it’s…annoying! But things were okay at the end of the day, so it’s all good.

Then I met up with some high school friends for a trip at Bonifacio High Street. Not a near place to hang out, but I love that place for its relaxed atmosphere, even if the stores are expensive. I got this cute star note-holder for my station at work at Hobbes and Landes (did I get it right?) for Php 75, which isn’t bad at all. :)

I know I’m like the social loser in my high school after high school (I think I posted something about this already; if not, I’ll probably post about this soon), but it’s always fun to hang out with my (small) circle of high school friends. :D Although I really love my college friends, the connection with my high school friends (or like what one of them has been saying: our wavelengths haha) is just solid. We could talk about anything, even life insurance rates, and we’d probably be laughing about it.

The only thing I didn’t like that happened is that I didn’t bring a camera. :| Our old digicam (Sony Cybershot something) is like a TV with the broken LCD and Chimon is such a pain to bring (and it’s more of Kuya’s camera). I was considering buying a Canon 450D at the end of the year but I realized that if I wanted to get one I should really be into the hobby…which I am really not. Well, not yet. So I’m thinking of buying a better digicam first (Canon Powershot probably?) then considering the dSLR again. Let’s see. :)

Anyway it’s almost 1:00am and I should sleep! I still have work! Happy Friday everyone.

Photo Talk

I just realized I haven’t posted for almost a week! That’s a record. Besides being busy at work, I really don’t have anything to write about. Shocked? Me too.

Anyway, so the past days I’ve been busy writing short things about him (I emphasize the quotes, and yes that’s a semi-new blog, go visit!), editing websites for work, reading, online training, watching this, going to press conferences, selling tickets, book shopping, working, and doing everything besides posting here. I know, I even missed the second Taste Asia event, but that was because I had dinner with two of my high school friends in Eastwood, and geography won over me there. :P My “blog social life” is dying, I know, but you guys still like me, right? *bats eyelashes* I hope so. I see an average of 7 people online everytime I check my site, so it’s got to be someone. Unless they’re all bots. Boo.

Wait, that’s not what I want to talk about. ADD moment, sorry. Anyway, one of the favorite topics at work is something that I used to do (but not professionally): photography. To those who don’t know, I took up a photography subject back in college which I admit I really liked. I loved being able to take photos, to see good ones come out, to scout places to have photo shoots and whatnot. Somewhere along the way, I lost interest, mainly because it was so expensive. FYI, I own a manual SLR camera (a Nikon FM10, for those who care), and I really liked using it. But let’s face it: film and developing isn’t cheap. I wasn’t that into photography to spend so much money on film, which is why I decided to settle for point and shoot digital cameras instead. Until I stopped taking pictures altogether (I was a docu person back then; I was required to take photos) just because I felt like bringing a camera was burdensome. Continue reading Photo Talk