On Credit Cards

Just last week, I paid my biggest credit card bill – a whopping 8+k. Well, it might below for others who has more than 10k (and sometimes even more than 100k) in their credit cards, but for someone who is still in the process of financial stability and is still on entry level, that’s a big one already, for a month. Blame it on the stolen cellphone I replaced before I left my old company. Plus all my other luxuries, such as an expensive haircut and pedicure before starting my new job (too expensive, really, but I have no choice), and the books (which I really don’t regret)…is this how it is when I start “growing up” and be more responsible for my finances?

I wasn’t supposed to pay the full amount of the bill just so I won’t go over the 50% expenses share for my first salary in my new company, but the things I purchased do not have the 0% credit cards interest thing, the one we used to buy our new iPods. After much debate and help from my brother, I decided to pay for it whole, just so I won’t have to think of the debt until next month. Paying for the entire thing sure felt great, even if I know it made a huge dent on the money I have in the bank. I guess it’s okay, since my next salary is only in a short time. :D

I know a lot of people say that credit cards make them worse people in regards to spending…but I think it’s the contrary for me. I don’t know, but having my own credit card has somewhat made me more aware of my expenses, and helped me to learn how to budget. So maybe having a credit card is not always such a bad thing…yes? Feel free to disagree with me though. ;)

I still have to learn about these 0% balance transfers and maybe eventually compare credit cards when I decide to expand to having two plastic cards in my wallet instead of one (the other one I have really doesn’t count since it’s a supplementary card). Right now, it’s nearing my cut off, and I’m happy because I know my credit card bill for the next month is below 2K. Yeahba. :)

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6 thoughts on “On Credit Cards”

  1. when i was there in january, i maxed out my credit card… $2200 canadian.. about P95k. haha. oh man.

  2. The reason why my mom don’t let me have my credit card (extension of hers) is because I’m not mature to handle it. Haha. Siguro andami ko gastos. Ang mahal ng bilihin.

    I missed you Tina. :)

  3. Gean: Haha once you have it on your mind that no one will pay for you, you won’t spend as much. :) Even if it is a supplementary card, you’ll feel that. or maybe my parents really just instilled that in us. :) I think it’s all in the attitude. :)

    And awww. :) I missed you too! :D

  4. Haha. Kapag binigay ni Mama sakin yung supplementary card ko, tiyak siya pa rin magbabayad nun kahit sabihin niyang hindi. E naku, wala akong kapera pera, alam naman niya yun. LOL.

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