Singapore Weekend Hangover

Tonight is my first night shift day (ergh?) at work, and the long weekend has caused me to be so overwhelmed at all the tasks I have at hand, it’s crazy. Gah. I have five more things on my to-do list, two of which are important, while the others are not so important. I have around 5-6 hours to do everything there before I go home. I can do this…if only I have enough sleep. Pfft. Who’s up for coffee later?

Anyway, the hangover is brought to you by none other than Singapore. I arrived earlier today, and I’m missing the place. It’s not like the Philippines, but it’s definitely nice. The places are so clean, it’s easy to get around and gadgets are so cheap! :) I really wouldn’t mind going back there. :D

So before I go off on a coffee break, here are some highlights of the trip. A more detailed and photo-filled post to follow. :)

  • Singapore’s cost of living is quite high, but the gadgets are cheap. Okay, not that cheap, but cheap enough for one to save almost 10k+ on an expensive gadget…like, say a MacBook or a dSLR. ;)
  • I can go anywhere as long as I know where the MRT is. Hah. I did the same thing in Thailand. I rule transportations! Does this mean I’d survive in NYC too? :)
  • I love Ikea. :) It is kind of far from where we stayed, but I love it. I bought Happy some frames there as per her request, bought some of those for my own, and even got some pet supplies for Batman, our dog. Coolness.
  • Other than Ikea, I love Suntec. :) More to follow on the next post.
  • There are three kinds of Merlion in Singapore: the Father, the Mother (well I think) and the Baby. :P
  • The food isn’t that spectacular, but it’s okay.
  • Chinatown beats Quiapo in any dSLR stuff. ;)

I shall stop there because my brain refuses to cooperate unless I give it caffeine. Hah. I’ll get used to the night shift…soon. I hope.

Starbucks, anyone? Just for now? :D

4 thoughts on “Singapore Weekend Hangover”

  1. Aww great you enjoyed your weekend We’re going next weekend to visit my hubby’s sister. but the girls can’t go cos they have school. Yes, L will go back to school.

  2. im studying singapore right now in south-east asian politics. i hope you made sure you didn’t bring any chewing gum… banned.. haha. congrats on the new laptop… even though it’s a mac *eye-roll*. i know how expensive things are in the philippines.. my uncle bought a dell m1410 there.. and brought it here like 2 months later when they were on vacation. had he waited the 2 months and bought it here – he would have saved half what he paid (well actually, his company paid).

    anyway.. subways in nyc arent’ that complicated. i took it once to get to penn station from long island, on my way home to toronto. i’d be more scared of the jeeps and busses in manila…

  3. a macbook. a dslr.

    pasalubong ko?

    is it just me or is everybody very busy that no meetups happen. or am i just so out of touch?

    Am thinking of dropping by the Kerygma Conference on Nov 25 or 26, Sat/Sun… not sure yet…

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