Sweet, sweet victory

NaNoWriMo 2009 Winner!


After a month of trying to get time to write, of almost burning out, and wishing November is over, I finally hit 50,000 words last night. 50,047, to be exact.

*weeps with joy*

This has got to be the sweetest NaNoWriMo victory yet, and the longest time I had since I tried to reach the goal. 2007, which was also my not-so-good year, had me reach 50000 words by November 28, and that had a lot of word padding in it, while the rest of the other year except for 2004 had me writing breezily and almost effortlessly (yes, I even wrote about acne treatment in my 2006 novel — and it’s part of the story). This year, I am actually almost finished with my story. :D

Ah victory. Finally.

Now for TGIO.

If you’re not yet done, don’t give up hope! You still have time! I believe in you!