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Shopping, anyone?

So for the past couple of days, I’ve realized that there are a lot of things I have that seem to be breaking down, or needs to be replacing. For example:

  1. My blouses don’t fit me anymore. Not only because I’ve grown (both horizontally and vertically), but probably because they shrunk. Then again, some of the blouses I wear to work have been with me since OJT days…that’s two years ago. Which means I need to get rid of them. Like soon.
  2. My bags are breaking. If it’s not the zipper, it’s the strap. If it’s not the strap, it’s the inside pocket. Or all three of them. The only bags I have left are the ones which are either too small or too big to bring to the office.
  3. My shoes are also breaking down. Ever since I started my new job, a total of four pairs of shoes were broken: first is the pink slip on I wore during my debut (fine, it’s about to break down, after almost four years of being with me), second is my beige peep-toe shoes which are only less than five months old, followed by my green slip ons, which is not really broken, but is almost there and finally, my pink open-toed heeled shoes which was bought late last year. What is it with shoes and them breaking down? Does it mean I use them all too much?
  4. My wallet is overflowing…not with cash, but with cards and receipts. Must find replacement for that too, since my some of my ATM/Credit cards are all together and they might end up getting scratched.
  5. Captain Tal, my beloved Nokia 6233, is also getting scratched…which means I need to get him a crystal case. And since I don’t want easily broken ones, I should start investing on a good one, yes?

Hay. Even if I already have a new job, it would take a while for me to gain financial stability. If only I have some diamond rings to sell or pawn…then again if I can afford those for myself, I’d probably be able to buy all those things I wanted up there in a snap. Plus that cute pink and white Chucks with some hearts embroidered on the side that I’ve been eyeing for so long.

Does anybody know when the next department store sale is?