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ADD Moments

day twenty-seven.

You know one thing that’s been catching me off guard with this challenge? It’s that every time I think I had something to write…it turns out I don’t. Or, I suddenly lose whatever idea I had for an entry. Maybe I’m just ADD.

So Sunday. If last Sunday was some kind of lazy, this week was far from it. I got home yesterday from my long day at around 1 in the morning. After posting my entry yesterday, I left Starbucks and headed to our condo, where my mom and brother were waiting. I ended up playing Cooking Dash until we had to go home, and then we agreed to get up early to hear Palm Sunday mass at Christ the King, then head to the Eloquente food tasting for my brother’s wedding at lunch, then at Trinoma, where my brother would be meeting a client and my mom and I would be shopping. Again.

And that’s just what we did. Lots of good food during lunch, and lots of clothes shopping in the afternoon. Mind you, I’ve been shopping since yesterday. I’m happy, my credit card was happy, but my bank account isn’t. At least, not now. ;) I’m still reeling with my expenses as I computed them earlier, and I’m pretty sure my credit report is going to be outrageous again this month…but then again, it’s not like I’m buying them out of plain want. I’m buying them out of need, because I need clothes that fit me better, like what I mentioned before. I’m almost sort of done, except that I still need more tops to mix and match and stuff. Sometimes I think I just have to accept that I really have to spend a bit on some pieces. Or be patient enough to try more clothes.

Or maybe I should just eat before shopping so I won’t get hungry and tired too fast.

Anyway. Enough about shopping. I’ve been thinking of what will happen after my 30 days of celebration is over. I’ll be ending this by March 31, and I won’t be online from Maundy Thursday to Black Saturday…then what? What happens to this blog, next? I don’t know, honestly, except that I’m probably going to keep blogging the way I blog. This is a personal blog, after all. Lately, though, I’ve been getting comments from people I don’t know, and I’ve been hearing from some “lurkers” of the blog. I even saw someone on Twitter mention that they linked my blog. So I guess some people do read the stuff I write here, even if most of them are ramblings and personal things! Wow. My blog isn’t as popular as the other people I know but it’s nice to know that people who I don’t know in real life actually read this. :) So if you’re a lurker: hello there. :)

You know what I just realized now? I haven’t eaten dinner. And that’s bad for my diet, really. Oops. That is probably the reason why I forgot what I was supposed to blog about today. :P

Oh, but before I go! I want to do this before the end of this challenge. I signed up for Formspring on my birthday, and I’ve gotten a few questions in, but I sort of kind of want to answer more. I know, how vain of me. But this is my blog anyway. :P Anyway (again, for the third time in this entry), I’m going to post a bunch of the questions and answers here before the challenge ends, and I’d like it very much if you’d give me something to answer. :P So…come one, come all: ask me a question! :)

Of course, I reserve the right to ignore questions that are not appropriate. All for fun people, be nice. :)

Shopping Lessons

day eleven.

Well hello, it’s Day 11! I’m on the second third of the challenge, what do you know? :)

Something’s been stressing me lately, and I know it’s something that I really have to address and not just ignore. I really have to do this, because the alternative is to go back to before, or just keep what I have and look like a total slob.

What am I stressing about?


I know, of all things, right?

I’m not much of a shopper. In fact, I used to go into a really bad mood swing when I was young whenever my mom would drag me to go shopping. I hated shopping. I was contented with wearing jeans + top + sneakers/rubber shoes. I hated sleeveless tops, I don’t wear dresses unless there’s a real need to, and I don’t bother for shoes and accessories. I chose comfort over other things, so that’s why I’m almost always underdressed.

Not only that, I wasn’t exactly the smallest girl back then. When I started growing horizontally, it was hard to find the clothes I liked, because more often than not, they don’t fit. :( Girl clothes aren’t like kids ties, you know, it’s not one-size-fits-all, or you can’t just get clothes without fitting them. And it pained me so much before to get bigger sizes, or see my thunder thighs in the mirror and see how much my stomach bulges whenever I fit the clothes I want. I was so self-conscious then, and sometimes shopping makes me tear up because it brings my self-esteem down. I remember, when I went shopping for office clothes before, I had to repeat a mantra to myself starting the night before shopping: I am beautiful, I will find clothes that look good.

So I really can’t deny the fact that when I lost inches at the same time when I lost weight, my self-esteem went up. I now understand what my friend told me about how it feels when people tell you that you’ve lost weight — it felt great. Wonderful, even, especially when you’ve never received that compliment before. It was nice to learn that you need belts to hold your pants up, or the clothes you can’t wear before fit you better, or the clothes you used to wear are too loose now. It really boosted my self-esteem.

But at the same time, it stressed me out, because I suddenly ran out of clothes. Right now there are two kinds of clothes in my closet: clothes that used to fit me but are too loose, and clothes that fit me now, but still don’t look too good and can only wear until I lose a few more inches/pounds. I can count with my fingers how many clothes I can wear for work, and right now I only have two more work pants left. That’s hard, because if for some reason that our clothes don’t get washed in a week because of power failure or something, I have nothing to wear to work.

Well, save for some old college skirts. Everything else is too loose. Wait, the pants I wear now are too loose, but they’re the only ones that still fit without dropping below my waist, or making it look too hip-hop.

So you see, it’s kind of stressful. And again, I’m not a shopper — I don’t make time to shop, and shopping wears me out. A lot. And shopping for nice office clothes that would last means it would cost a lot, and I’m not exactly rolling in dough, you know.

What’s a girl to do?

Shop in increments, of course. One to two pieces of clothing every month. Shoes, too. And to shop with good friends, because it makes it less painful and more fun. :)

I’ve started shopping since December, before our Coron trip, and since then, I’ve been slowly buying a few pieces of clothing every now and then, to add to my wardrobe. It’s hard sometimes, but it’s also kind of fun because I get to see what looks good on me, and getting things in a smaller size works wonders to my self-esteem. :) Plus shopping with friends is always fun. It’s a good thing my friends are adept with shopping.

So here’s what I learned from all my shopping adventures. Forgive my lack of knowledge in fashion terms or cuts or what — I’m a newbie here after all. :D

  • I like dresses. The last time I wore a dress willingly was…gosh, I can’t even remember. My graduation? But it’s a formal dress, so it doesn’t really count. I guess the year-end party in 2007 was the last one. I didn’t exactly hate wearing dresses, but I just don’t feel as comfortable in it as I do in pants. After some time, I started feeling the need to wear a dress, and I finally did during Rent night. And you know what? It was so much fun wearing a dress! It required little thinking, just a bit of accessorizing, and I still looked pretty! Since then, I already bought three more dresses. Haha addicted much? I wore it once to work, and I felt really pretty, too, which was awesome. :D
  • Long dresses make me look short. I tried this purple dress that goes down to my shins and it made me look a couple of inches shorter. Ooops. Then I tried on this pink dress that goes down above my knees and it looked just right. So I guess the proper length for me is just up to there because I’m short. :P
  • I still need pants. And skirts. However, as much as I like dresses and want to wear them more often, the downside is I can’t wear them all the time, unless I build a wardrobe full of dresses. It’s not so easy to mix and match dresses you know because they’re always in one piece. I need skirts too because all my skirts at home are college skirts, and they make me look like a teacher! :o
  • I also need new tops. Same with pants, tops are easier to mix and match, of course.
  • Pants with side pockets don’t look good on me. I tried fitting a couple of pants the other day and all the pockets bulged at my hips. Uh-oh. I need ones with front pockets, or no pockets at all. Still searching! I think I’ll find them in the department stores.
  • Clothes that last costs a lot. Okay, maybe not always, but sometimes the price is just painful. :( I need to keep on thinking that they’re investments, so I won’t feel bad in buying them.
  • I want to go and shop at ukays. Do I have to explain this? I want to know how many clothes I can get with Php 1,000. :P
  • Shoes, shoes, shoes. I’m not a shoe shopper too, and I can only count about three pairs that I wear to work. I love sneakers, but most of my sneakers last me for a long time…and I can’t always wear sneakers to work. Right now I’m learning what kind of shoes look good on me — just the right height (because I’m not a fan of high heels) and nothing that looked like boots because they cut my feet off and I look short — and I also have to remind myself that good shoes that last cost money. I’ve learned about cheap shoes the hard way, so sad. I’m still building my shoe collection…and I hope I don’t become addicted. Haha.
  • Accessorizing is something I still have to learn. I’m not much of an accessories person, but I know how a simple necklace or bracelet can make the outfit look complete. I just wish I’m not allergic to fake stuff so I can wear the earrings I collected through the years. :(
  • It’s really all about guts. I used to be afraid of wearing dresses to work because I know everyone would tease me, but after some time I got used to it. I’ve learned that wearing the clothes you like is really all about having the guts to wear them. If it looks good, don’t be embarrassed by it. Be proud. Flaunt what you’ve got, as they say. I’m learning, I’m learning. Sometimes I still feel shy, but whenever I look in the mirror and see a different person from before, I smile and tell myself that I’m beautiful, and I go out and have fun. :) Don’t worry about what other people think. :)

So yay. Tomorrow I’m watching Avenue Q with some friends and I’m dressing up for the theater again. :) This year I’ve already bought four dresses, two pairs of shoes, a belt, and a top. Just wait, I’ll get to the other clothes that I need. And then have a brand new wardrobe, for…well, I guess, brand new me?

It’s fun being a girl. Really. :)

Oh, and I found the cutest shoes today, too, that matches two of the dresses I bought this week! :) I can’t wait to wear them tomorrow. :)

True, right? :)

Happy weekend, everyone!

Wanted: Nike's Tessa

Day 15I interrupt the seriousness of yesterday’s post to make room for something…less serious.

I am totally in love with this bag:

Nike's Tessa Medium Duffel Bag
Nike's Tessa Medium Duffel Bag

I spotted this bag a month ago when I was looking for a bag and a pair of rubber shoes I could use to go to the gym. I decided to forego buying this bag when I got my shoes because I couldn’t afford it yet. I figured no one would buy this one yet because it’s on display, and who buys expensive bags in Nike anyway?

When I returned a couple of days ago, I saw that they only have the smaller version of the bag on display. I could have bought that one instead, but I wanted a bigger bag, one that I could use for out of town overnight trips, you know?

I checked the Nike Park branch near my office again and asked if they have the bigger version but they don’t! And now I’m quite depressed because I really, really want that bag. Really, really want.

Do I need it? Let me try and justify.

Haha seriously. I don’t really, really need it, but it would be a good kind of comfort for me to have a bag like this so I won’t be carrying Teo over my shoulder and instead bring it in my backpack that hardly feels heavy at all.

Plus it’s so pretty. It has pink interiors too! I want!!!

Now if only I can find one. I’ve got a couple of stores in mind to check out for this one, and I swear, the next time I see it, I will definitely buy it already. Itr couldn’t be harder to find than breeches, right? I’ve got a 10% discount (on selected stores) already because of my Fitness First membership…but if I can get a better deal, why not?

If you find this one in any Nike branch, will you please let me know? Please please please?

After this, it will be my last bag purchase for a long time. I promise. After this, I’ll start buying clothes. Harhar. :P

A more serious post tomorrow, promise!


First of March

Yesterday consisted of:

  • Sleeping in late
  • Playing Heroes for a while in the morning
  • Dressing up
  • Jomar & Clarisse‘s wedding (Congratulations!)
  • Seeing old friends who I haven’t seen since the Switchfoot in Manila event
  • Seeing my Sociology professor in the wedding who I haven’t seen in five years and turns out to be Jomar’s friend. Small world!
  • Becoming an impromptu tech person to help out with the video presentation for the pre-reception event
  • Resting all night to recuperate from all of the past weeks’ activities.

Today I got to rest, more or less, and I think I’m ready for tomorrow’s back to work day shift. Interestingly, I have to fore myself not to work on anything that is related to work when I get home. Today I did some little work stuff, but that’s only because I want to be rid of that before tomorrow so I can do the other stuff we need to finish. Did that make sense?

Another thing, I’m becoming more…paranoid about the work stuff I left at work. Maybe it’s only because there’s so many things that we need to finish tomorrow which is why I’m thinking of that constantly, and I bet once we finish the workload (no more excuses now since we don’t have anything big to do), I’ll be functioning normally again. Heh. I’m kind of apprehensive with opening my email inbox tomorrow because I feel like there’s incoming “hate mail” because we haven’t done what we are supposed to be doing. But that’s probably just my paranoia again. Hee.

Oh, since we’re all talking about work stuff, I won something during our Barangay Hall last Friday. =D I got awarded as one the Top 3 specialists for the quarter. :”> I freaked out when it was announced because I was emceeing. Talk about awkward moment! I got a Php 1000 gift certificate from Rustan’s which I could use to buy…something. Oooh, I could buy a LeSportsac bag with that! :) I’m still going to pay a bit more to get a decent bag, but at least it’s not as expensive as Hilton Head rentals. :D

My mom and my brother have been bugging me to sleep because of day shift tomorrow, so I’m going now. Belated happy first of March!

Brrr Months

I was out today to buy clothes for tomorrow’s party. I used Sylvia to get me a Php 2000 worth outfit — black and silver bubble-skirt looking halter top (haha that’s all I can use to describe it), black leggings, underwear (hee) and black sandals. It’s supposed to be a Christmas party, but it’s Hollywood themed, so I guess this should do. No celebrities to copy, I just want to dress up for once. Hah. I know I’m probably going to get teased tomorrow by my oh-so-loving teammates, but I like what I bought. More spending tomorrow as I get a pedicure and my hair done (hot oiled and blow-dried or should I go for curls? But my hair is wavy already, I don’t want it to be frizzy). Cash or card? Cash. Maybe. Yes, I prepare too much for the party tomorrow, but it’s not a crime to actually get dressed right? :P Now if only I could motivate myself to exercise more…hmmm.

Has anyone noticed how cold it’s been lately? It started Tuesday this week, I think, when it was raining while I was on the way home. Now it’s not raining; it’s just cold. But I do like this cold weather since it would be easier to commute. Remember, it’s cold, not rain. I don’t like commuting when it’s raining…to think I used to love the rain. It’s not as cold as it is in the US, like in Las Vegas (does it even get cold there?), but it’s cold enough for a tropical country like the Philippines. Brrr.

The cold is a sure sign that Christmas is approaching…25 days to go! And yes, my Christmas spirit is here, especially after listening to all those Christmas songs they’re playing at the mall earlier. :) Yeah. I can’t wait for Simbang Gabi to start, and even to hear the carolers coming around (even if they sing the same song every single night). I can’t wait to start buying Christmas presents for people (and if you want to get me something too, here’s this year’s wishlist *wink wink nudge nudge*).

And then before we know it, this year’s ending and it’s 2008. And I’ll be turning 22. And I’ll be pressured more than ever to make that Sydney trip push through. Ah, I need to put all of these down on paper, yes?

I think I’ll go watch some Gossip Girl for a while. I will try to write a review of Enchanted ♥ by tomorrow if I have the time. :) This entry is so random, I like how it’s not laced with anything I worry about. :D

Have a nice Friday night everyone!

Seasonal Shopaholic Strikes

This is an attempt not to write about them. :P

This is a follow up post of what I mentioned before, and how I’m holding up with the status of the things I need to buy. Here we go (photos to follow):

  1. I got myself two new work shoes. One black pointed flats from Auztralian and one white heeled one from Mario D’boro. I love the white one, and I plan to get the exact same style, only it’s in hot pink. :P Yes, I love pink. ;) I spent about Php1000 on it. :D
  2. My mom got me a new bag which is exactly what I need for work. Yay, no expenses here since it’s a pasalubong. Hahaha! But I love it! Just what I need for work. :D
  3. I finally got myself new sneakers…after almost a year of not buying one. This is the first pair of sneaks I will be paying with my own money (I love you, credit card!). It’s the much wanted Chucks – pink and white with pink hearts embroidered on the heel. :P
  4. Next week is jeans week at work, and I realized that the last pair of jeans I bought was back when I just graduated. How about that. Anyway, I realized that I am running out of jeans again, so today, I got two. :D Bench loves me, I got 2 pairs for Php 1000. Penshoppe jeans are too small now. :( Wait, I have more jeans at home, but they’re thin jeans, which means if I want to wear them again, I’m gonna have to lose these flabs first. *pouts*

Well that’s not bad. :) I’ve yet to buy a crystal case for Captain Tal, a dSLR and a new laptop. The latter ones are big and expensive, I know, but that’s why I save up for things, like the way some people save in buying real estate. That would have to wait until the end of the year, me thinks. ;)

If this post didn’t make sense half the time, I am sorry. I’ve been multitasking for the past three hours. :P Have a great week ahead!

Shopping, anyone?

So for the past couple of days, I’ve realized that there are a lot of things I have that seem to be breaking down, or needs to be replacing. For example:

  1. My blouses don’t fit me anymore. Not only because I’ve grown (both horizontally and vertically), but probably because they shrunk. Then again, some of the blouses I wear to work have been with me since OJT days…that’s two years ago. Which means I need to get rid of them. Like soon.
  2. My bags are breaking. If it’s not the zipper, it’s the strap. If it’s not the strap, it’s the inside pocket. Or all three of them. The only bags I have left are the ones which are either too small or too big to bring to the office.
  3. My shoes are also breaking down. Ever since I started my new job, a total of four pairs of shoes were broken: first is the pink slip on I wore during my debut (fine, it’s about to break down, after almost four years of being with me), second is my beige peep-toe shoes which are only less than five months old, followed by my green slip ons, which is not really broken, but is almost there and finally, my pink open-toed heeled shoes which was bought late last year. What is it with shoes and them breaking down? Does it mean I use them all too much?
  4. My wallet is overflowing…not with cash, but with cards and receipts. Must find replacement for that too, since my some of my ATM/Credit cards are all together and they might end up getting scratched.
  5. Captain Tal, my beloved Nokia 6233, is also getting scratched…which means I need to get him a crystal case. And since I don’t want easily broken ones, I should start investing on a good one, yes?

Hay. Even if I already have a new job, it would take a while for me to gain financial stability. If only I have some diamond rings to sell or pawn…then again if I can afford those for myself, I’d probably be able to buy all those things I wanted up there in a snap. Plus that cute pink and white Chucks with some hearts embroidered on the side that I’ve been eyeing for so long.

Does anybody know when the next department store sale is?

Climb the mountain, step off the shore

This arrived for me today:

Thanks Ted!

I didn’t know FedEx could be this fast. Then again, Ted‘s only in South Korea. But anyway, as what the post-it says, Thanks Ted! Haha, now I can buy the next two books in The Circle Trilogy without worrying if I will be able to find the first book in paperback. Yay! :D

And I don’t know if I’ve mentioned it here before, but I don’t like hardbound books. I think they’re too bulky to carry around, plus I always worry if I get the dust jacket wrinkled or creased. Paperback books fit my bag easier, they’re less expensive and they’re easier to carry around. Of course, they’re not as sturdy as hardbound books, but that’s what plastic covers are all about. Sort of. :p

Anyway, I’ll be returning the favor to Ted by sending him a Tagalog Bible, as he requested. :)

Anyway, today was another busy day. I had my medical exam around noon which is a requirement for my job. It was the first time for me to have my blood taken again, and the idea of having the syringe in my arm made me a bit queasy. To think I wanted to donate blood at school last term. The medical exam went fine, though the doctor said I was…overweight. :-s This means one thing: I better get even more serious with the “exercise regularly” resolution I made last January. ^^;

After that, my mom and I shopped for some slacks and some cardigan sweaters I will be using for work. Then we went to Megamall to renew my NBI clearance Now I’m almost done with all the renewing and paperwork, I just have to get an account in Equitable for the payroll thingie and then it’s time to fill out the forms I’m going to be submitting for work on Monday.

It feels somewhat unreal, you know? I’m actually entering the workforce. It feels like such a big step because I know I’ve never been seriously working (to be honest, my OJT did not really count because it still felt like I was in school doing a big project…only it was tons more boring)…but I always keep in mind that God has never forsaken me. I mean, I was having the same qualms before college started, but look where I am now. Why should this be an exception?

Back before college (again), I held on to one song as a theme for my life…and it was only “revived” for me when I was doing my thesis. Until now, the song rings true for my life.

Hillsong Music Australia

Oh dear God, we ask for Your favor
Come and sweep through this place
For we desire You
I just want to be with You, be where You are
Dwelling in Your presence oh God
Oh I want to walk with You

And I will climb this mountain
And I’ll step off the shore
And I have chosen to follow
And be by Your side forevermore

Tell me what You want me to do Lord God
Tell me what You want for my life
It’s Yours, oh God, it’s Yours
Do Your will, have Your way
Be Lord God in this place
Oh I want Your will to be done

I choose to be with Him. Even if sometimes I feel like I’m groping in the darkness, I know that this is the only way for me to grow in Him. The unpredictability of it all makes life exciting, don’t you think? Haha, you should hear my inner control freak protesting right now. :P

So again, as I always say, bring it on, Lord! This gets more exciting each day, you know? Yeahbah. More pre-work thoughts in the next few days. :)