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Breathe Easy

I had a very packed weekend, thank you very much. :) Packed, tiring but fun, so it’s probably a way to cap off my very tiring November and first week of December.

Friday night was supposed to be a day when I’ll be home early because I wanted to rest for a change, plus my brother would not pick me up because he has a date, and I have Aslan with me. Oh, and I had a headache too, because of all the laughing we did the day before for our boss’ video. I left the office at 8, thinking it should be easy for me to go home, right? Wrong. The line for the tricycle was sooooo long, it curved to the side of the street, and there were no tricycles! I went back to the office to call a cab, but then my teammate told me that it’s traffic everywhere…so I was stuck. I decided to just wait for my brother, so I ended up staying at the office until 11:00pm. Gah. Ate dinner with some teammates, teased a lot of people (heh), and spent the rest of the night chatting on YM with friends until my brother arrived.

My morning Doulos trip with the Godchicks was postponed, but I had to wake up early because it was the Feast of the Immaculate Conception. Heard mass, went home and fell asleep again, missing the Leopard day with Happy, then headed off to the first ever Pinoy NaNoWriMo Thank God it’s Over party. :) It wasn’t much of a big party, as there were only nine who came, but it was fun hanging out with fellow NaNo-ers. Everyone went home with a prize and a really cool Pinoy NaNoWriMo pin designed by Roland and made by Kage (photos to follow). We had a lot of food care of Mira, and a Powerbooks session after. Since we’re all basically on a break until November, we’ll be starting a year-long writing project, which I will be hosting soon. :D Watch out for it.

Sunday was our account’s first team building. Long and tiring but fun day, and it was nice to be able to bond with other people in our account. :) I’ve never laughed so much in a day, and the entire thing reminded me of a YFC camp. Awww. Photos to follow once I get them from my teammates. :D

I’m finally…resting for this week. It’s not as hectic as the past weeks, so I’m taking advantage of the quietness of this week to do some things I should be doing:

  1. Do my Christmas shopping – self-explanatory :)
  2. Do my Christmas bakingChocolate revel bars, ahoy! I’m also going to tr
  3. Make a new layout – this layout is almost six months old!
  4. Transfer my domain name and host (Hello Dreamhost). Refine Me is expiring by the end of the year, and after being hosted by Protagonist Webhosting for three years, it’s time for me to move to a bigger place, and try to manage my own virtual real estate. :) So hello, Dreamhost! Hello, new registrar (and possibly tinamats.com)! And ultimately, hello new domains and some business. :D I’ve got to get ready in backing up and transferring domains since this is my first time. Any tips?

And that’s the to-do for the next few weeks. For the next few days, I’ve got work, MV Doulos trip, shopping trips, payday, a Christmas party and birthday party coming up. Yeah, that‘s taking it easy. :P