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Another Saturday Night On My Desk

I planned to post this one yesterday, but my Internet did not cooperate with me. As usual.

Surprisingly enough it’s cooperating now, so yay!

But you know what’s weird? It’s how I don’t spend as much time online on my computer when I’m at home as I used to compared to before. Back then I’d be online all day at work, and then when I go home, the first thing I do is open my computer and go online again. That’s weird because our Internet at work doesn’t restrict any of the websites I visits or applications I use…so what do I do when I go home and go online?

Other than downloading stuff…absolutely nothing else. It’s not like I continue to work when I go home, or spend a lot of time checking out books or AEDs, or whatever, you know?

So maybe I’m just too addicted to the Internet.

I don’t know when I stopped doing that — maybe when I went full-time on midshift, or when I got Teo, or maybe even when I signed up for the gym and was simply too tired to go online when I get home. Or maybe it’s because Macy is giving me my online fix whenever I get home without the hassle of booting up Aslan or Teo. I mean, all I check are Twitter and Facebook and my email and I hardly stay up late to chat anyway.

Maybe that’s it.

Yeah, most definitely.

Anyway, tonight I shall share what my desk looked like last night, when I couldn’t go online to blog about this. It’s not as good as how Riz does hers (seriously, how do you do that?)…but effort should count. :P

What's on my desk on a Saturday night?
What's on my desk on a Saturday night?

So, what’s on my desk?

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Breathe Easy

I had a very packed weekend, thank you very much. :) Packed, tiring but fun, so it’s probably a way to cap off my very tiring November and first week of December.

Friday night was supposed to be a day when I’ll be home early because I wanted to rest for a change, plus my brother would not pick me up because he has a date, and I have Aslan with me. Oh, and I had a headache too, because of all the laughing we did the day before for our boss’ video. I left the office at 8, thinking it should be easy for me to go home, right? Wrong. The line for the tricycle was sooooo long, it curved to the side of the street, and there were no tricycles! I went back to the office to call a cab, but then my teammate told me that it’s traffic everywhere…so I was stuck. I decided to just wait for my brother, so I ended up staying at the office until 11:00pm. Gah. Ate dinner with some teammates, teased a lot of people (heh), and spent the rest of the night chatting on YM with friends until my brother arrived.

My morning Doulos trip with the Godchicks was postponed, but I had to wake up early because it was the Feast of the Immaculate Conception. Heard mass, went home and fell asleep again, missing the Leopard day with Happy, then headed off to the first ever Pinoy NaNoWriMo Thank God it’s Over party. :) It wasn’t much of a big party, as there were only nine who came, but it was fun hanging out with fellow NaNo-ers. Everyone went home with a prize and a really cool Pinoy NaNoWriMo pin designed by Roland and made by Kage (photos to follow). We had a lot of food care of Mira, and a Powerbooks session after. Since we’re all basically on a break until November, we’ll be starting a year-long writing project, which I will be hosting soon. :D Watch out for it.

Sunday was our account’s first team building. Long and tiring but fun day, and it was nice to be able to bond with other people in our account. :) I’ve never laughed so much in a day, and the entire thing reminded me of a YFC camp. Awww. Photos to follow once I get them from my teammates. :D

I’m finally…resting for this week. It’s not as hectic as the past weeks, so I’m taking advantage of the quietness of this week to do some things I should be doing:

  1. Do my Christmas shopping – self-explanatory :)
  2. Do my Christmas bakingChocolate revel bars, ahoy! I’m also going to tr
  3. Make a new layout – this layout is almost six months old!
  4. Transfer my domain name and host (Hello Dreamhost). Refine Me is expiring by the end of the year, and after being hosted by Protagonist Webhosting for three years, it’s time for me to move to a bigger place, and try to manage my own virtual real estate. :) So hello, Dreamhost! Hello, new registrar (and possibly tinamats.com)! And ultimately, hello new domains and some business. :D I’ve got to get ready in backing up and transferring domains since this is my first time. Any tips?

And that’s the to-do for the next few weeks. For the next few days, I’ve got work, MV Doulos trip, shopping trips, payday, a Christmas party and birthday party coming up. Yeah, that‘s taking it easy. :P

Back to Dial-Up

Hello again, ISP Bonanza. Sigh. It’s Day 7 of no DSL, and we’ve called PLDT DSL Hotline four times and every time we call, I have to repeat what was wrong with our DSL (no light for the ADSL link in the modem). We’ve done everything — turn the modem on and off, restart the computer, switch the ends of the phone cable, try repairing it, but it’s still nothing! ARRRRGGGGHHH. The only thing the customer service reps keep on saying to us is, “We’ll forward your report to the technical team and we’ll contact you in the next 24 hours.” Well, you’ve forwarded it thrice already, and I know I’m not bad at Math and I know it’s more than 24 hours; what’s next? Are they even working tomorrow, since it’s elections? Shall we wait until you finally get your butts moving and then still pay the full amount?

Hay. I know from all the posts I’ve read that PLDT DSL (and its customer service) sucks, but I was hoping I would never experience that. Tough luck. What I really don’t get is that
why they don’t go for the faster solution. I really have this strong hunch that our modem is broken and that their network in this area is (not stellar, but) okay. Why not go for the faster solution — can’t they just and try to replace the modem first? If it still doesn’t work, then it is the network. But if it works, then we won’t be bugging them about this anymore! Isn’t this so much easier?

And another suggestion to the customer service of PLDT: give all your “reports” a report reference number, just like what Meralco does. If you give all reports a report number, the subscribers would just have to give that number to you when they do a follow up, and you’d be spared of asking for what the problem is since the report is in the database. Plus, we’d be more assured that you actually forwarded the report. I now wonder if these people really forward the reports at the first time subscribers call them or if all of that is just a big fat lie. Grr.

Okay, I wills top. If you work in PLDT, heads up! I’m not the only one who has this problem.

PLDT DSL and Heroes

It’s one and a half hours till quitting time ((Gah. We have 9.6 working hours here. :/ At first I didn’t really mind but after a while you start missing seeing the sun whenever you go out in the afternoon)), and I’m supposed to be writing a service description for this new project but instead, I’m blogging. Bah. My brain still shuts down before 5:00pm — see!

So why am I spending office time blogging? It’s because we’ve had no internet access at home for FOUR DAYS and counting. >:( Sunday, our connection was okay, but starting Monday, we cannot browse any websites at all. We can connect, yes, and in fact, my WiFi connection is even Excellent or Very Good. But when I check the connections, we are not receiving any packets. It’s like for every 1000 packets our computer sends, we only receive 7 packets back.

FYI, our DSL provider is PLDT myDSL. We subscribed to it because it’s “better” than dial-up, and it has been working quite well since November. Sure, there are slow days but they’re pretty manageable, and even if it is slow I could still do some browsing. This is the first time we’ve experienced this, and it’s really, really annoying because it’s been four days and I don’t see any chance of this clearing up soon. Plus, I asked other people who also have DSL and they’re not experiencing the same problem as we have…so what’s wrong? I’ve turned off the modem and the router, disconnected and reconnected and did all sorts of things to have it work…but it’s not. :( Hay.

Yes, that shows how much of an Internet addict I am, and how much I still need the Internet even if I spend it all online all day. :P Thank goodness for Heroes. :P Yay.

But I would have to cut this post for now, because it’s quitting time. :) Wahoo. PLDT Support, you will get a call from me later!

UPDATE (5/11/2007): I called PLDT Customer Service yesterday and it wasn’t such a bad experience (yet). I checked the connection yesterday by connecting my laptop directly to the modem instead of the router and I got Limited or no connectivity, for all LAN cables and LAN ports. I got this checked and they said they’re going to check if the problem is on the network side or the modem. I’m expecting a call today and I hope they do call because it’s the weekend and I need my Internet!

Mobile Blogging

How do you classify mobile blogging? Is blogging to WordPress via GPRS counted?
There’s no internet here in the office, so I’m using my Smart GPRS to blog. I’m THAT desperate. haha. it’s hard to be in front of a computer w/o Internet access…I keep on clicking on my browser even if there’s n0 net. See, Im usng txt lngo n0w. grr.
wait. i jst got an email frm our tech. FINALLY, a workaround for our problem! back to regular programming!

Intermittent Internet

New layout was supposed to be up last night, but because of the Taiwan Earthquake, Internet connectivity was intermittent. I couldn’t retrieve the directory list for my domain at all during FTP, and loading sites was a pain because it was just as slow as dialup. I ended up fiddling with my site’s layout, adding new plugins in my local server, which are all ready to be uploaded while talking to my friend on the phone. I sure hope that I will be able to access my domain via FTP tonight so I can upload the new theme.

Anyway, today’s the last day of work for the YEAR! Wow. Somehow the idea of work for the next year kind of scares me, like all I’m seeing for the coming year is a year full of work work work, unlike back in school where there’s summer vacation to look forward to. Hay, the costs of adulthood. But then again, it’s useless to look around and wish I am somewhere else because I believe I am here for a purpose, and because God has been faithful and is still faithful, I will stick to this until He tells me to move on. Lord, just give me a God-listening heart so I know when it is time to let go.

Anyway, because there’s nothing else to do, here’s one of the 2006 year-end surveys that can be found around the Internet.

What did you do in 2006 that you’d never done before?
Get a proper job and get paid for it. Turn 20 years old. Go to a Hillsong United-led worship. Go to Davao. Be really accountable to people.

Did you keep your new years’ resolutions, and will you make more for next year?
I made 10 and I successfully fulfiled 4. ^^; The others are done in half, like I did it sometimes or did it for the half of the year then stopped. I will make resolutions again next year, but this I’m going to make them different. More specific and such. :P

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