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I’d like to think I’m a true-blue animal lover, and that I can cuddle any kind of animal, regardless if they have furs or scales or not.

But I’m not. I mean, not a true-blue animal lover. I do squee over different animals I watch on TV, but I can only pick up animals when I’m assured they wouldn’t scratch, bite or go ballistic on me…namely, our pets: two dogs and two six cats (our cat gave birth to a litter of four kittens yesterday). :D

But then I come across books and movies like Marley and Me and trailers like these:

Hachiko: A Dog’s Tale

After this, how can you not love animals then?

Okay, I know the American version of movies like these usually sucks…but I can’t help but feel weepy when one guy tells the dog, “You can stop waiting now…he’s not coming back.” Awww. :,-(

Marley and Me had me crying with the book and the movie (and I mean CRY, serious waterworks!), and I have a feeling I’ll be crying buckets when I watch this.