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Once, I was a magazine model

I was meaning to clean my room today, but I’m not in the mood to do so just yet. I will later, promise. Or at least, I will get started on it by finally removing the clothes I haven’t been wearing already (not my style or they don’t fit anymore). But before that, I had this sudden burst of nostalgia and I decided to pull out my old magazines and got this particular one out:

LIVEtheLIFE magazine

Ganns! Rick! JM! Trish! Remember this? :)

LIVEtheLIFE magazine is Ganns’ brainchild. It’s a magazine for Filipino youth, which, according to the tag line, is Relevant reading for the lifestyle with a purpose. Simply speaking, it’s a Christian glossy magazine. I remember all the meetings we used to have for this, as well as the email trails and even the launch we had (but I did not get to attend to) at Shepherd’s Voice in Greenbelt. I remember the photo shoots, the planning and the ideas thrown around. I even had grand dreams of us having an office eventually, where we’d be having brainstorming sessions and studio photo shoots and whatnot.

What’s really special about this issue (besides it being the first and only issue) is that this is my first time to be published in a magazine, not only as a writer but as a…er, model.

Yes dear friends, I was once a magazine model. :P

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