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Rainy Saturday Afternoon

That sounds like a novel title. Or at least a chapter.

I can’t understand the weather nowadays. I know we’re still in the middle of summer, but the rain this afternoon felt like I was in a middle of a thunderstorm. Come to think of it, it’s been raining every afternoon since Thursday, right? Weird. It’s raining and I haven’t had enough of the beach yet. C’mon.

My friend Pau came over earlier to ask for help in reformatting her laptop, which I gladly worked on. I kind of miss working with Windows PCs, even if I have my own fix at work with Guilo ((The office computer)). Of course, I’m not regretting using Aslan (especially that I can now upgrade to Leopard anytime because of Luke the new 250GB hard drive, install Windows and use it anytime because I gave in to the MacUpdate Parallels promo and bought the bundle); sometimes I just miss being able to tinker with Windows all the time and provide installers of some programs for other friends who are using the same platform.

Anyway, so while we were installing her OS, it rained hard. The rain brought more nostalgia once again, reminding me of those high school days where I’d be staying home and watching TV all day because of suspension of classes. Or staying in the dorm because of the rain (and the flood outside haha), enjoying the cold wind through the window, playing Monopoly with my roommates, watching DVDs or just talking. After the reformatting moment, Pau and I talked about old high school stuff, love life (or lack thereof, haha), and our more than ten-years (!!!) friendship. :) Like I mentioned before, I know I’m such a social loser after high school (but not necessarily in college :D), but I’m glad for these friends who’ve stayed with me no matter how less we have contact sometimes. I can imagine all of us meeting up with each other again and again in the next few years, discussing our family lives over some tea while we sit in some teak furniture and watch our kids play with each other. :)


But for now, it’s too hot and humid here again. T__T Ack. I need another shower. Tomorrow I’m meeting up with some ticket buyers, as well as maybe getting a pedicure and a hot oil treatment, just to pamper myself. :D Hee. And maybe tomorrow I can think of a more interesting blog topic instead of just rambling about my days, yes? :)