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Rainy Saturday Afternoon

That sounds like a novel title. Or at least a chapter.

I can’t understand the weather nowadays. I know we’re still in the middle of summer, but the rain this afternoon felt like I was in a middle of a thunderstorm. Come to think of it, it’s been raining every afternoon since Thursday, right? Weird. It’s raining and I haven’t had enough of the beach yet. C’mon.

My friend Pau came over earlier to ask for help in reformatting her laptop, which I gladly worked on. I kind of miss working with Windows PCs, even if I have my own fix at work with Guilo ((The office computer)). Of course, I’m not regretting using Aslan (especially that I can now upgrade to Leopard anytime because of Luke the new 250GB hard drive, install Windows and use it anytime because I gave in to the MacUpdate Parallels promo and bought the bundle); sometimes I just miss being able to tinker with Windows all the time and provide installers of some programs for other friends who are using the same platform.

Anyway, so while we were installing her OS, it rained hard. The rain brought more nostalgia once again, reminding me of those high school days where I’d be staying home and watching TV all day because of suspension of classes. Or staying in the dorm because of the rain (and the flood outside haha), enjoying the cold wind through the window, playing Monopoly with my roommates, watching DVDs or just talking. After the reformatting moment, Pau and I talked about old high school stuff, love life (or lack thereof, haha), and our more than ten-years (!!!) friendship. :) Like I mentioned before, I know I’m such a social loser after high school (but not necessarily in college :D), but I’m glad for these friends who’ve stayed with me no matter how less we have contact sometimes. I can imagine all of us meeting up with each other again and again in the next few years, discussing our family lives over some tea while we sit in some teak furniture and watch our kids play with each other. :)


But for now, it’s too hot and humid here again. T__T Ack. I need another shower. Tomorrow I’m meeting up with some ticket buyers, as well as maybe getting a pedicure and a hot oil treatment, just to pamper myself. :D Hee. And maybe tomorrow I can think of a more interesting blog topic instead of just rambling about my days, yes? :)

Labor Day

It’s way past May 1 already, but…belated Happy Labor Day! I am so happy that I am following Philippine holidays because it would be such a pain to go to work on holidays where all your friends are going out. Although that means there’s more complimentary day offs, I still love being off work on days when everyone else is also. ;)

So today I spent the morning fixing ticket orders for the Hillsong United event (just 24 days!), and then afternoon receiving payments and giving tickets for orders. Hahaha. It was crazy, I tell you, with me ordering tickets and getting a reply that there are still some then a minute later they’re gone. Crazy. I had some taray mode earlier, which is something I feel bad doing so but some can be just so annoying, it’s…annoying! But things were okay at the end of the day, so it’s all good.

Then I met up with some high school friends for a trip at Bonifacio High Street. Not a near place to hang out, but I love that place for its relaxed atmosphere, even if the stores are expensive. I got this cute star note-holder for my station at work at Hobbes and Landes (did I get it right?) for Php 75, which isn’t bad at all. :)

I know I’m like the social loser in my high school after high school (I think I posted something about this already; if not, I’ll probably post about this soon), but it’s always fun to hang out with my (small) circle of high school friends. :D Although I really love my college friends, the connection with my high school friends (or like what one of them has been saying: our wavelengths haha) is just solid. We could talk about anything, even life insurance rates, and we’d probably be laughing about it.

The only thing I didn’t like that happened is that I didn’t bring a camera. :| Our old digicam (Sony Cybershot something) is like a TV with the broken LCD and Chimon is such a pain to bring (and it’s more of Kuya’s camera). I was considering buying a Canon 450D at the end of the year but I realized that if I wanted to get one I should really be into the hobby…which I am really not. Well, not yet. So I’m thinking of buying a better digicam first (Canon Powershot probably?) then considering the dSLR again. Let’s see. :)

Anyway it’s almost 1:00am and I should sleep! I still have work! Happy Friday everyone.

What Happened When I Was Fifteen?

Again, thanks to Rico for the idea. :)

Fifteen years into this Earth caught me in my last year of high school. Junior year ended okay, but I was ready to leave school for a summer filled with lots of YFC activities. Unlike my other friends who went for summer review classes for college entrance exams at AHEAD, I went off to different YFC activities all summer. I went to Cebu for the 8th YFC International Leader’s Conference, to Bataan for the KFC International Kids Village, led different youth camps, and had everyday bonding sessions with my YFC friends at this house. This was undoubtedly the busiest summer I’ve ever had, and most summer days weren’t spent at home. I would wake up at 10, go out at 2 and go back at around 10 to 11 at home. I did this every single day until the summer ended.

Then came senior year in high school, which is the best year I’ve ever had in high school. I was all set to make the most out of it since it’s my last year in high school. I could say that my section, St. Paul, is the best section among all, but of course that’s subjective. :p Our senior class was bonded mostly because we lost two of our classmates early in the year. They were caught with liquor during our field trip, and they were expelled. :( We promised our adviser that the remaining 33 in our class would all graduate together, and after that we were all doing our best to help each other up. :) And come graduation day, all 33 of us marched onstage proudly, remembering two of our classmates who didn’t make it with us.

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Never take friendship personal

Edit (011607, 11:03am): Instead of making a new entry, I’ve decided to just append the second one here. :D Space saver and it’s easier for me to go back. :) I’ll get this entry finished within the day, I promise!

Edit (011607, 7:18pm): Entry finished! :) Oh, and I’d like to warn you that this entry sounds a bit angry, but that’s just me venting. If ever you get offended by whatever I said, please contact me in private. I’d listen to you, but also remember that this is my blog and I am entitled to my own opinions. Thanks. :)

First off, congratulations to my friends Ryan and Arl who are now registered nurses! :) Congratulations to you two! And congrats to all those who passed the nursing board exams too. :)

Tonight, let’s talk about high school for a while. You know how in high school, there’s always this friendship/barkada drama? Like, there’s always some group against one group, one group against one person, one outcast member in the group, one person against one person, backstabbing one another in all its sad glory. Okay, not all high school friendships are like that, but you can’t deny the existence of all these high school drama. I should know, I’ve been part of it.

Most of my high school friendship drama happened during freshmen year, when everyone was trying to fit in. My problem at the start of the school year was that I don’t know who else is in my class. As far as I know, no one I was close with back in Grade 6 was also in the same section as I am in first year high school. Scary, especially when there are a lot of new students who want to fit in too.

Thank God I met some people who were nice, all because we liked to eat hash browns during recess. We eventually formed a group, and one of our favorite past times was to make fun of this other group of girls in class who write letters to each other everyday. As in every single school day.Take note, we are all classmates and we see each other everyday, yet they write to each other! With stationery and such! My friends and I joked that everytime they pass each other letters every morning, a tree gets cut down.

But because we’re such mature people then (yes, that’s sarcasm on mature), my friends and I eventually joined in with them. Weird, huh? But we did. And then they gave their group a name and we did too. We even formalized a membership by voting on the names we want our group to have. And we thought we were teh coolest, yo.

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Holiday smells and thoughts

I went out to our terrace earlier to put the plastic pot my mom bought from the mall earlier and found myself taking a deep breath outside…and wait a minute. Is it just me, or does it smell like Christmas already?

Funny, yeah, but then it’s almost September and all Filipinos know that once September starts, it’s the “ber” months already…meaning Christmas is almost here! And the year will soon be over. Wow.

I bet this Christmas is going to be different than last year. Last year, Christmas was kind of lonely because my parents were at Saipan and my brother was out for work so I spent most of the holidays at home and alone. I minded, because well…it’s Christmas! And it sucks to be alone on Christmas. :( But my brother and I made it up on Christmas day and New Year’s day when we went out with his girlfriend.

Anyway, this year, I think Christmas will be different. Firstly, because I have a job by then and there will be a lot of new people to think of gifts for and to share Christmas greetings with. Plus I’m sure there’s going to be the office Christmas party, which is going to be my first.

I will be able to buy Christmas gifts for people now because I will have money by then: salary + Christmas bonus + thirteenth month pay (as my mom and brother told me on the last two), unless of course I end up spending them all before Christmas comes…I hope not. :p This will surely be fun, because I’ve never actually bought Christmas presents for my family and friends with my own money. Yeahba. :D

But why am I talking about Christmas when it’s not yet even September? Haha, pre-holiday excitement. Yeah.

On other news, I just found out my high school has a website: www.LorenzoRuiz.edu.ph . Interesting! And they have a catch phrase thing too, much like “Animo La Salle”: Semper Lorenzo. I asked what this means and a younger alumnus told me semper means “go”. Well…it’s certainly unique. ;)

Anyway, if you go to the website, most of the pictures there are mostly from my batch. You can even see my best friend during the CAT graduation. How cool is that? :P

I pray that You would keep me mystified

Today I spent the day being creative. :P I’m not the most creative person around, and I know a lot more people who can make something really good out of spare scraps of papers and other random art materials and I’m not really one of them. My scrapbooking skills always end up looking the same, and whenever I try to add a lot of elements, it always ends looking messy, not artistic.

But much thanks to my dear friend Bea, I learned a lot more things on scrapbooking and being creative. :P Haha. Today, my high school friends came over to make a scrapbook for someone, and I suddenly became the head of the creative team. Haha, so I pretended to be “creative” and with a lot of paper, glue, cutting, and old magazines, we actually got a pretty nice thing in the end. :P I forgot to take pictures, but I’ll take them on Wednesday when we meet each other again. I think I might just have a career in layouting. :)

And speaking of new layouts…I should make one for this site soon.

I’m feeling mighty unhealthy; maybe it’s because I haven’t been doing physical activity for almost two weeks. :-s That’s what happens when you get stuck inside the house all day. I need physical activity. I wish I could go and enroll myself in the gym so that at least I have something to do everyday, but I feel like going to a gym is one big unnecessary luxury…but it beats doing nothing. Maybe I should seriously consider that, while I’m still unemployed and all. I need to start thinking healthy.

Anyway, I had a great time with my high school friends. It was nice talking to them again and it always reminds me that what we got here is for real. I’ve known those people for more than eight years already…our friendship is bound to last, right? I wonder what would happen when one of us gets married and then starts having kids. Haha. Too early to think about that, Tina. ;)

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