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First Sentences for 2007

This post’s content is taken from Kyameel‘s blog, the first of my 2007 year-end memes ((Ergh, I still hate using this word)) on the first early morning of Simbang Gabi, because I can’t go back to sleep (and I bet I’ll only be able to sleep around noon. Even an adjustable beds won’t help me this morning). This is the price of my body clock continuously getting whacked. Hah.


Take the first sentence (or two) from the first entry of each month and post it here. That’s your year in review.

  • January
    “Where was I for the past first five days of 2007? Let me list them down: January 1: I spent the first two hours in prayer. *blissful smile*” ((Sigh))
  • February
    “Wow, it’s already February. Where did January go?”
  • March
    “Well hello, it’s March already. Can you believe it?”
  • April
    “Okay, I think it’s pretty presentable now. :) This is the less pink layout I wanted, and if you didn’t see this post before I edited it, I realized that I used Christmas colors here, but according to the Color Schemer website where I picked this scheme, it’s supposed to be apples.”
  • May
    “Happy Labor Day everyone. It is so good to be able to take a break in the middle of the week — with pay!”
  • June
    Hello, Friday! Hello, June! I never mentioned it, but I started a Script Frenzy blog.”
  • July
    “Last Friday was my last day at work. I was permitted to be a bit relaxed, provided I finish all the documents for turnover and request for transfer early. Around 3:00pm I was done, so all I did was talk with my officemates and do some picture taking.”
  • August
    “If you still don’t have a mosh pit ticket, then this should convince you! :) For all mosh pit ticket buyers until August 6, you will get the following: Free limited edition poster autographed by the entire band for every mosh pit ticket purchased, and Free Sunchild Redeemer T-Shirt for every two tickets purchased (Sunchild Redeemer shirts were sold during the Reuben Morgan worship two years ago).”
  • September
    “Let’s have some mindless fun again before I talk about my long, long book fair day. :) This quick survey is taken from the That’s My Answer meme for September 1. :)”
  • October
    “Hello, it’s October! I’m still sort of swamped at work, but I thank my teammates for taking some of the load (Hi Mike!) off me.”
  • November
    “Hello November. :)It’s a non-working holiday today and today is also the day we fly to Singapore.”
  • December
    “Yes, this is another NaNoWriMo post. :) Which I am supposed to post here (well, it is cross-posted, soooo) but this blog seemed to be abandoned now, and Mike has been demanding I make a new post…so here. ^^;”

I just have to laugh at how I always marveled at a new month’s entry. Did all months of 2007 pass by that fast?

Okay, now I’m sleepy. :) I shall take a nap before reformatting Ginger and putting her up for sale. :) Good morning everyone!