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Christmas Cake

It’s Christmas Eve and I’m finally on vacation, but I still have some things to do which I don’t really know how to do. Er. Anyway, I hope I still have some time later, after this entry.

Yesterday afternoon, after knowing that I don’t have to go to work today, I headed out to Sugarhouse in Eastwood to get some cake for Christmas. Ever since 2006, I’ve always tried to have some cake during Christmas. Not because it’s a noche buena tradition (our noche buena tradition ever since year 2000 was a KFC bucket meal. We cook more during media noche), but because Christmas is not just gift-giving or eating, but a birthday. We are celebrating Christmas because of Jesus’ birthday, after all.

Everyone’s celebrating for Christmas, but I often wonder if people knew why we are celebrating. I always say “Remember the reason for the season” every year, but I know most of the time I’m excited about receiving and giving gifts to other people. I know He likes the idea of sharing and blessing us all during this time of the year, but I also think He deserves more than the limited attention I give Him during the nine consecutive masses of Simbang Gabi and the Christmas mass, right?

So this year, we have another cake. :) As we had for the past two years. :)

I’m still thinking of what Christmas entry I would be writing for tonight, and I was really planning to have a Christmas story to at least jumpstart my 2009 resolution of more writing. I managed to write a short piece which ended up a bit romantic, and I don’t even know if it’s appropriate. Anyway, I’m still sharing it to everyone just because. It’s not edited, so pardon any mistakes. My prose is still awkward even after NaNoWriMo, ergh.

To those who knew about my NaNo 2008 novel, you’d find some of the characters here familiar. Slight spoilers on how everyone would end up after story ends, but then again, I haven’t even finished the novel yet, so things can still change.

Have a blessed Christmas Eve everyone! Enjoy! :)

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