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Merry Christmas!

So…I meant to write a story again this year, but alas, real life is always, always on the way. Have you noticed how quiet it has been here in this blog lately? I know, right. Even I am surprised. Maybe changes are coming along the way, who knows?
Oh who am I kidding — yes, there are changes, and I hope to have them up by January 2011. Please life, give me time to do that.

On another note, in lieu of a story, here’s a picture greeting instead:

Merry Christmas! :)

Yep, Merry Christmas everyone! :) I used to have a Santa hat, but it’s gone missing, so the sunflower hat should do, right? :)

So, flowering trees and snow aside, I hope this Christmas finds you well and blessed and happy with your family, loved ones and friends. And I hope this Christmas, forgive me for using the cliche, but I hope we remember the reason for the season. A little birthday greeting, perhaps? :)

Happy birthday, Jesus! :) Enjoy your party!

So peace, love, blessings, good food and books to one and all. :) Leaving you with a song from the one and only, Dave Barnes. :D


God bless everyone. :)

Counting Down to Christmas

November has come and gone, and I thought I would never finish my novel. Well, I didn’t finish it, but I got to 50,000+ words and I promptly stopped writing. I never thought I’d get there. True, this year’s draft is probably the crappiest of them all, but I don’t care. Right now I’m content to having the unfinished draft of Song Bird residing in the deep recesses of my hard drive, never to see the light of day until I finally sit down and figure out what the story is really about. Because right now, I have no idea. :P

The novel I still want to finish is 2008’s and I must really, really sit down and finish that. :)

On another note, it’s December! December is my next favorite month after March, for obvious reasons. I love that Christmas is just around the corner, I love that December means cooler weather, and I love that December means the year is ending and we’ve got a new year coming. I’ve been feeling extra cheerful ever since yesterday, and I’m betting it’s the holiday season.

Of course, there’s another side of Christmas that I’ve been feeling a lonely chill to lately…but nah. I don’t want to think about that. :P

So Christmas! This means:

  • Christmas shopping – more people to give gifts to, and I’m glad the other people are so easy to give gifts to now. :P
  • Christmas stories – Wordplay will be revived!
  • Christmas readings – Did anything ever stop me from reading
  • Christmas eating – of course. I feel a bit guilty for being too lazy to go to the gym today, though (eep). Definitely not the best way to lose weight, folks. :P

Of course, Christmas means more than that, but allow me to be caught up in the festivities for now. :)

So I just thought I’d drop in and say hi. Now that NaNoWriMo is out of the way, it’s time to get busy with other things I have put on hold. I should start doing that now. So happy December everyone!

Joseph’s Lullaby

I am truly amazed at how Christmas is this year. 2009 is not my favorite year, and I think a lot of you know that. And it seems like 2009 is still not done with all its surprises, both pleasant and unpleasant. This is one of those years when you wonder if Christmas would still be a happy one, you know?

But if there was anything I learned from the flood, it’s that no matter what happens, there’s only one thing that I am sure of: it’s God. Whatever flood, storm, calamity, temptation, crime and bad things that come, there’s still Someone who is bigger and stronger who is there, and it cannot stop Christmas from coming. It is CHRISTmas after all. :)

This Christmas, I present to you a little story. I’m not really sure if it’s accurate with what’s in the Bible, so please treat this thing as a work of fiction, an interpretation of one of my favorite Christmas songs by MercyMe, Joseph’s Lullaby. This tells the story of the first Christmas night, after Mary has received visits form the shepherds and the wise men (not the usual gifts for new moms, right?). This is also hardly edited, so please excuse grammatical errors. I hope that somehow, this story would help us remember that Christmas is not about gifts or what we want, or even how we would have spent Christmas if so and so didn’t happen. Christmas is, ultimately, about the One born on this day. :)

Blessed Christmas to you and your family! :)

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Hello Ho Ho Ho

Okay, I really meant to blog this week. And lats week.

Thing is, even with that intention, there were a lot of other things that caught up to me the past two weeks that made me not blog. Ugh. I have so much writing backlog that it’s driving me nuts.

But because it’s almost Christmas and it’s the last work day of the week today, I won’t go nuts.

Forgive me if I haven’t been blogging. I owe you guys a lot – two more lessons from the flood, reviews, year-end surveys, stories and yes, the Coron post.  Oh and there’s the post-NaNoWriMo post that’s long overdue. Work’s just been crazy and with that, workouts (I have to post about that, too!), and Christmas preparations, everything just goes crazy, you know?

It’s a good thing I don’t go to school, or else I don’t think I’ll be blogging now (although I think everyone who is in school is on vacation now).

Which reminds me, I need to renew my domains and pay stuff. Ahhh crazy — not enough to go to drug rehab, but still, too many!

But it’s okay. Because it’s Christmas in two days. I promise to post a Christmas story by tomorrow. But now I have to work. So close, so close!

Merry Christmas, everyone!

Christmas Air

Did you feel it yesterday? And this morning? The air. It’s cold. Not rainy cold, but Christmas cold.

That definitely made my week. :)

It’s been a month today. I’m staying at our house now, and even if I don’t have a bed (or a desk) and my room still needs to be sorted out (as well as all the other clothes), I’m good. I’m starting to get back to the groove of the old things, and I’m learning to let go and trust more now. At least, I think so. :) I think I have found a new devotion to the Rosary, though. How many times have I found that praying the rosary helps me focus on the One bigger than all of this? I’d like to believe that God answered our prayers by sparing the country from Ramil. So thank You.

I still mean to post more thoughts on everything I learned, but right now my mind is being consumed by three things: work, work out and NaNoWriMo. How about that. This is probably why I end up having dark circles under my eyes, because I can’t sleep with everything I’m thinking about! I promise to post about them though. :D

But all is good. :D That Christmas air just assured me that everything will be all right.

So did you feel it?

Christmas Cake

It’s Christmas Eve and I’m finally on vacation, but I still have some things to do which I don’t really know how to do. Er. Anyway, I hope I still have some time later, after this entry.

Yesterday afternoon, after knowing that I don’t have to go to work today, I headed out to Sugarhouse in Eastwood to get some cake for Christmas. Ever since 2006, I’ve always tried to have some cake during Christmas. Not because it’s a noche buena tradition (our noche buena tradition ever since year 2000 was a KFC bucket meal. We cook more during media noche), but because Christmas is not just gift-giving or eating, but a birthday. We are celebrating Christmas because of Jesus’ birthday, after all.

Everyone’s celebrating for Christmas, but I often wonder if people knew why we are celebrating. I always say “Remember the reason for the season” every year, but I know most of the time I’m excited about receiving and giving gifts to other people. I know He likes the idea of sharing and blessing us all during this time of the year, but I also think He deserves more than the limited attention I give Him during the nine consecutive masses of Simbang Gabi and the Christmas mass, right?

So this year, we have another cake. :) As we had for the past two years. :)

I’m still thinking of what Christmas entry I would be writing for tonight, and I was really planning to have a Christmas story to at least jumpstart my 2009 resolution of more writing. I managed to write a short piece which ended up a bit romantic, and I don’t even know if it’s appropriate. Anyway, I’m still sharing it to everyone just because. It’s not edited, so pardon any mistakes. My prose is still awkward even after NaNoWriMo, ergh.

To those who knew about my NaNo 2008 novel, you’d find some of the characters here familiar. Slight spoilers on how everyone would end up after story ends, but then again, I haven’t even finished the novel yet, so things can still change.

Have a blessed Christmas Eve everyone! Enjoy! :)

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Upgraded to WordPress 2.7

As promised right after WordCamp Philippines 2008, I’ve finally upgraded my blogs to the latest WordPress versions.

Altogether now: HALLELUJAH!

I said I’d do it before the end of the year and with a new custom layout, but right now there’s just no time to make a new layout, so I thought I’d upgrade WordPress now, and work on a new layout during vacation (which officially starts tomorrow! WOHOO!). And here we are!

It’s not that hard to upgrade, as promised by the WordPress people. It’s a pain to back up so much files though, and check which plugins are not usable anymore. Honestly, I’m not even sure if I’m still using all of the plugins, but I’ll check that when I create a new layout. For now, this free WordPress theme would do. I still have to cleanup all the past posts and check for broken links, but I think WordPress 2.7 would help me go through all these past stuff. Yes?

Anyway, it feels great to blog again. I’ve been having some problems with the old version of WordPress that I have, and I hope this new version would help reduce those problems. (Oh and if you’re wondering what version I upgraded from, it’s WordPress 2.1. So whoever is still in that version, YES, IT’S POSSIBLE AND EASY TO UPGRADE TO THE NEWEST VERSION :D).

Today is the last work day for 2008, one day early because of the traffic on the streets. Our boss told us we could not go to work tomorrow, and just leave the dirty work for the seniors. I’m glad for that because I really don’t want to be at work during Christmas Eve. I already have our Christmas cake here (thanks Sugarhouse!), and I’m going to ride three tricycles with this. Haha good luck!

So yes, the last work day and when I get back to work next year, it’s going to be such a busy year ahead. I can feel it! It’s up to the point that when I think of it, I get scared…but I also know it’s going to be a good year ahead. :) I just have to make sure I make peace with this year before I jump into the next. Which means, a lot of de-cluttering and introspection in the next few days!

So here’s to a fruitful 2008, work-wise. I’ll post a longer one about this next time. For now, I’ve got to start fixing my things. It’s going to be a while before I get to see this workstation again. :D

Christmas Weather and December Stress

I don’t know what happened, but there was this deliciously cold breeze yesterday and I can still feel it until now. Can you feel it? :)

It sucks that I can’t enjoy it fully because I’m still kind of sick (these colds just won’t go away!), but I’m loving it. I can feel Christmas, and I haven’t even done my Christmas shopping yet!

I’m having some holiday blues though. Or maybe it’s because of the stress. Yesterday I was feeling all sad for some reason, and it’s not because I’m not out of the house because I really wanted to rest and work on my freelance projects. Earlier today I was panicking because of all the things I need to do for the next two weeks, and I don’t know if I have enough time or strength or if I can actually finish everything the way I want it to be finished, like:

  • Two freelance projects due this month. The second one is just a prototype and is relatively easier than the first one and I can do it during vacation, but the first one is consuming so much time that I feel like this will eat the developing time for the second one. Bah. The least I could do for the second one now is to make a template and a project plan and a requirements analysis document. That should take me one day…as long as I find some time. :| Can someone help me with Drupal theming?
  • PinoyWrimo TGIO party on Friday. I’m really thankful that Maita of Talecraft is helping me out, so less stress, but I still find myself stressing over the people who’s coming. Haha. Anuba. I’m missing our account’s party for this. Sorry guys, I’m needed here. I’ll be at our team’s Christmas party. :D
  • Work documentation stuff. I just need to send an email for this, and then worry about everything by the time I go back for work next year, but you know how I stress over these things. T_T
  • Christmas shopping/baking. Enough said. I’m thankful that we get one extra weekend in December before the  vacation, so at least I can deliver the gifts/baked stuff before we get off for the long vacation. :D I’ve got baked stuff for the people at work, some nice things for my other friends but nothing yet for my family. How lame is that? No complicated stuff like auto insurance, simple but meaningful stuff will do.
  • Domain renewals. Not only my domains, but send domain renewal emails to my hostees. Can do this in a day, and probably right before Christmas rolls around (haha what a Christmas greeting).
  • Upgrade my WordPress and make a new layout. This is personal, but I’ve put it off for s long and this layout’s been here for almost a year, that I really need to do something about it. When is WordPress 2.7 coming out?
  • Annual Physical Exam at work. This is stressing me out how? Oh the lab samples. And the exam is at 4pm. May I be excused this Monday because I’m still recovering from my cough? You don’t want me coughing during my X-ray, right? Hay. Good luck.

Add that and the usual work load at the office, club activities and this desire to write something even if I have absolutely no time at all. Bah humbug.

I really should get working now. I’ve got CSS e-books to hopefully help me with what I’m doing. Drupal, I shall conquer you! (Wish me luck!)

Celebrate the Day

In connection to yesterday’s post…here’s another song that I shall leave you guys with as Christmas Eve turns into Christmas Day. :) Much thanks to Gab for recommending this song (as I have it in Triskal for the longest time but never really took the time to listen to it)! :)


I Celebrate the Day
Relient K

With this Christmas wish is missed
The point I could convey
If only I could find the words to say to let You know
How much You’ve touched my life because
Here is where You’re finding me
In the exact same place as New Year’s Eve
And from the lack of my persistency
We’re less than half as close as I wanna be

And the first time that You opened Your eyes
Did you realize that You would be my Savior
And the first breath that left Your lips
Did you know that it would change this world forever

And the first time that You opened your eyes
Did you realize that You would be my Savior
And the first breath that left Your lips
Did You know that it would change this world forever

And so this Christmas I’ll compare
The things I’ve felt in prior years
To what this midnight made so clear
That You have come to meet me here

To look back
And think that
This baby would one day save me
And the hope that
That You give
That You were born so I might really live
To look back
And think that
This baby would one day save me…

And I
I celebrate the day
That You were born to die
So I could one day
Pray for You to save my life

Pray for You to save my life
Pray for You to save my life

Happy birthday, dear Jesus! ♥ Merry Christmas to everyone! Have a blessed time with your loved ones. :)

A Christmas Tale

A year ago, my friend Chris sent me a Christmas email with a challenge, and we had a pretty interesting conversation about it. Then I told him I’d blog about it that year, but I never did, so here’s the one year overdue entry about what we talked about.

Interestingly, when we talk about the Christmas story, it usually ends with Jesus lying down on the manger, with the shepherds visiting him and then followed by the three wise men. After that, the Christmas story is “finished”, and we hardly even talk about why He came. What’s the real reason why He was born that night, to those parents, on that place? Why the angels sang and why the shepherds came and why the three wise men came to visit and bring him gifts. Yes, sure, they did all that because Jesus is God’s son, but again, why did Jesus come down here in the first place?

The answers to those questions do not really come until the Lenten season, where the real reason of God becoming man becomes clear (supposedly). It’s nice to remember those things during Easter, yes, and I remember saying that Easter is where the juicier story really is. Because that’s where the entire salvation history is shown, where God’s forgiveness can be really seen, and His power is demonstrated in its fullness.

Then I remember my usual greeting every Christmas: may we always remember the reason for the season. Yes, Jesus is the reason for the season, but why? What is so special about it, besides Him being the son of God? What is the real reason, anyway?

Chris’ email challenged me to remember that the story of Christmas does not end where we always end the story during Christmas. In fact, the Christmas story is just the start. Christmas is where God’s sacrifice started, by His sending His only son to a world laden with sin, to save the people who barely acknowledge Him. Unlike other people who are born to this earth to live, Jesus was born to die. For you. For me. For us.

Christmas is the start of His journey to save us, Jesus’ journey to the Cross. This where God gave us a concrete and human sign of His love. That is where the Christmas season gets its beauty, its magic.

This Christmas, let us remember and keep in our hearts the REAL reason for the season. :)

I leave you with a song that I finally made sense of during the email exchange with my friend. :) Enjoy and have a blessed Christmas Eve. :)

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