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The Sacrament of Waiting

Day 6So I was really intending to write something about bitterness, about how hard it is to wait for whoever it is who will sweep me off my feet. This is one of days when I’m tired of all my “Single Life Rocks!” mantra, when all that I have learned from the past years does nothing to comfort me. I’m just tired of waiting, of having to come second place when it comes to priorities, tired of being the third wheel, tired of guessing how it feels to be in a romantic relationship. Just. Tired.

Okay, that paragraph above is brought to you by my hormones and the rain. Bad combination, I tell you.

*deep breath*

Don't we all. :(
Don't we all. :(

There are a lot of people who tell me that I’m lucky to be single because I won’t be having heartaches, that I shouldn’t look, that whoever he is will come in time, that I’m not ready, that I should pray more, that patience is a virtue, that I shouldn’t worry about things like this but instead make myself better in other ways, yadda yadda yadda blah blah blah…but right now I have one word: phooey. Not working! No comfort, especially when all I can think about is “Poor me.”

And it doesn’t help that Maalaala Mo Kaya‘s episode last night is all about an NBSB.

*another deep breath*

Okay, enough bitterness (I actually have a post draft here titled The Bitterness Factor, hahaha!). I will still try to make this post positive, if only to still try and comfort myself. So let me repost this article that a colleague posted in Multiply, all about waiting. I’d really like to believe in this one…and honestly I think I know I believe in this one. Right now I’m just kind of having a hard time finding comfort in it. But I believe in it. You don’t always have to find comfort in that, right?

Like I said. Rain + hormones = not a good combination.

So, enjoy the article below. Emphasis mine, by the way. I’ll be back with a hopefully more cheerful post tomorrow. :)

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