Testing, testing, hello? Check, 1, 2…

Hello, hello? Is this new layout all ready and all?

I think? HAHA, YES! I finally made a new layout! :) Isn’t it spiffy? All colorful and cheerful and all? Because of my current unemployment status, I’ve decided to get on and make a new layout for my website because I was getting sick at looking at all the greens. Now it’s all rainbow-y and colorful and I love it! It’s been two years since I made a rainbow-y layout and I like this one better than the first one. :P

Anyway, this is my first time to really make a WordPress theme from scratch (the previous layout was based on Kubrick), and if you see some bugs, please don’t hesitate to tell me all about it. I still have to update some content to match the new layout, so if you see some traces of the past, wait a bit and I’ll have it renewed later. :) Hopefully I’ll be able to update everything tonight. :) I updated the content already and I think they all look spiffy. If I happen to miss anything, please tell me. :) And I’d have to note the update I did at the domain section, I added a longer and more detailed description of this layout. Go see. :D

So…tell me what you think! :) I’ll try to churn out some new layouts faster this time and OH YEAH! I have some more sites up my sleeve this time, so hold on tight and watch for changes and additions to refineme.org! :)

Have a rainbow-y day, everyone! :)