More job hunting thoughts

Yesterday was a long day. I had two interviews — one in the morning and another one in the afternoon — and a group meeting at night. The interviews…well, they’re pretty draining and the moment I got out of PBCOM Tower after my second interview, I was just brain tired already.

My weariness was lifted thanks to my group meeting (emphasis on the quotes :p) with Micko, Rye and Ramie, otherwise known as my thesismates. Ramie came fetching me in his brand new Honda Jazz (haha, because of you, I want to have a Honda Jazz more now!) and then we fetched Rye from his house (thesis overnight memories) and then met up with Micko at Seattle’s Best in Festival Mall. Micko, being the only one who has had a stable job among all of us, treated us to snacks at SBC. We were supposed to watch Click but we ended up just talking the night away while walking around the mall and settling down for dinner at Tokyo Tokyo. Haha, fun times. :) Of course, none of us would admit it seriously, but we all did miss each other. :D I love how being a small block bonded us into what we are right now, and I love how my thesismates and I are more than just thesismates but also real friends (altogether now…awww!). Next up should be an IST dinner, especially now that the other remaining THES2 groups just passed their final defenses. :) Wohoo, IST rulez, yo!

Anyway, I was supposed to have an interview today too…but after some thinking and talking with my brother on my way home, I decided not to go anymore because I don’t really like the job. I felt kind of guilty especially because the HR officer who interviewed me was very nice to give me tips and such about working, and I worried as well, because what if I’m passing up a big opportunity on this thing by not going?

Around last week (was it only just last week?), as I was on my way to an exam, I was asking myself if I am actually looking for a job that I like, or if I’m looking for a job just to say that I have a job. But that’s wrong, isn’t it? For me, I mean. I’ve always wished and prayed for a job that would not seem like a job to me because I like it. So why am I not looking for that?

Bo Sanchez mentioned in his latest book, “You create your own destiny.” And I believe that. I know that God has a plan for me, and I also know that God is more concerned with the journey rather than my destination (because my destination is ultimately in Him). I do have a right to be somewhat “picky” with regards to my future job, right? This is my future we’re talking about.

Not that I’m being selfish or anything, that I’m not leaving room for God to work in my life by thinking about myself. But I believe that God’s will is my deepest desire, and whatever it is that I really want to do, God planted it there deep in my heart and that’s the one I should follow. I believe that wherever I really want to go, that’s where God wants me to go as well, and that’s where I will be able to bear much fruit for Him too.

I am getting kind of worried right now…I’m waiting for a call tomorrow, and I’m really quite nervous: both with getting the call and not getting the call. At times I don’t want tomorrow to come because of the suspense! Haha…I swear, this entire job hunting thing is making me hold on to Him harder this time, probably even harder than thesis, I think. Everything about this job hunting thing — even the moments when I’m not looking for jobs — is making me pray harder because everything seems to matter even more now than before. And even if I’m afraid…sige lang! I know He won’t let me down. :) As I mentioned before…Bring it on, Lord!

And if you guys can spare a prayer for me for tomorrow, I’d really appreciate it. I’m claiming that I will get a job by this month! And that I will get that phone call tomorrow. :D Lord, please let Your will be done.