Things You Learn While Watching CSI #1

I’m still on my CSI watching mode, and I have recently concluded that you get to learn a lot of things ((Things other than crime pays or you should clean up well after committing one or simply just not committing one)) while watching this series.

I am now on Season 1 Episode 9 of the original CSI, and it’s this episode where they found a dead guy inside the first class coach of a plane. There are 9 witnesses, but each has a different story. In the end there were five culprits, but none of them were charged (see entire episode recap here) and our CSI team is discussing how they should be in jail vs. they did it because of human instinct. Gil Grissom silences them all with his own answer, which is something I have written about twice in this blog. And I quote:

You all have different opinions, but you’ve taken the same point of view. You’ve put yourselves in the shoes of the passengers, but nobody’s put themselves in the shoes of the victim. That’s the point. Nobody stopped to ask Candlewell if he was all right. They just assumed because he was kicking the back of Nate’s seat he was a jerk, because he was pushing his call button he was bothering the flight attendant, because he was trying to get into the lavatory he was making a scene, because he was going back up and down the aisles, he was posing a threat. He turned into a threat. It didn’t have to be that way. People make assumptions. That’s the problem. You just did. And I think those passengers made the wrong assumptions. And now this guy’s dead…If one person had taken the time to look at the guy, to listen to him, to figure out what was wrong with him, it might not have happened. It took five people to kill him. It would have taken only one person to save his life.

I knew from experience that assuming is bad, but in this particular episode, it shows that assuming can actually kill. Interesting (and also a bit morbid/terrifying) thought. Something to think about.

I still want a DVD of Season 1, by the way. I’ll take it season by season so as not to go overload. :P