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On Broken Hearts and Soulmates

After the disappointing read that is also known as Breaking Dawn (sorry, I still can’t help but kind of mourn over that book, as what Toni also did), I’m back to reading Eat Pray Love by Elizabeth Gilbert, which is quickly becoming one of my favorite books. :) I can’t wait to read the rest of it but I’m taking it slow since it’s not for fast reading — this book is meant to be read slowly, page by page, just as how Elizabeth Gilbert enjoyed her food in Italy.

I posted this particular passage over at my other blogs and I thought I’d post it here too since it’s really, really insightful and interesting. This is also the passage I read from a friend’s Livejournal which made me want to buy the book. :D

“What’s got you all wadded up?” he drawls, toothpick in mouth, as usual.

“Don’t ask,” I say, but then I start talking and tell him every bit of it, concluding with, “And worst of all, I can’t stop obsessing over David. I thought I was over him, but it’s all coming up again.”

He says, “Give it another six months, you’ll feel better.”

“I’ve already given it twelve months, Richard.”

“Then give it six more. Just keep throwin’ six months at it till it goes away. Stuff like this takes time.”

I exhale hotly through my nose, bull-like.

“Groceries,” Richard says, “listen to me. Someday you’re gonna look back on this moment of your life as such a sweet time of grieving. You’ll see that you were in mourning and your heart was broken, but your life was changing and you were in the best possible place in the world for it — in a beautiful place of worship, surrounded by grace. Take this time, every minute of it. Let things work themselves out here in India.”

“But I really loved him.”

“Big deal. So you fell in love with someone. Don’t you see what happened? The guy touched a place in your heart deeper than you thought you were capable of reaching. I mean you got zapped, kiddo. But that love you felt, that’s just the beginning. You just got a taste of love. That’s just limited little rinky-dink mortal love. Wait till you see how much more deeply you can love than that. Heck, Groceries — you have the capacity to someday love the whole world. It’s your destiny. Don’t laugh.”

“I’m not laughing.” I was actually crying. “And please don’t laugh at me now, but I think the reason it’s so hard for me to get over this guy is because I seriously believed David was my soul mate.”

“He probably was. Your problem is you don’t understand what that word means. People think a soul mate is your perfect fit, and that’s what everyone wants. But a true soul mate is a mirror, the person who shows you everything that’s holding you back, the person who brings you to your own attention so you can change your life. A true soul mate is probably the most important person you’ll ever meet, because they tear down your walls and smack you awake. But to live with a soul mate forever? Nah. Too painful. Soul mates, they come into your life just to reveal another layer of yourself to you, and then they leave. And thank God for it. Your problem is, you just can’t let this one go. It’s over, Groceries. David’s purpose was to shake you up, drive you out of that marriage that you needed to leave, tear apart your ego a little bit, show you your obstacles and addictions, break your heart open so new light could get in, make you desperate and out of control that you had to transform your life , then introduce you to your spiritual master and beat it. That was his job, and he did great, but now it’s over. Problem is, you can’t accept that this relationship had a real short shelf life. You’re like a dog at the dump, baby — you’re just lickin’ at an empty tin can, trying to get more nutrition out of it. And if you’re not careful, that can’s gonna get stuck on your snout forever and make your life miserable. So drop it.”

“But I love him.”

“So love him.”

“But I miss him.”

“So miss him. Send him some love and light every time you think about him, and then drop it. You’re afraid to let go of the last bits of David because then you’ll really be alone, and Liz Gilbert is scared to eath of what will happen if she’s really alone. But here’s what you gotta understand, Groceries. If you clear out all that space in your mind that you’re using right now to obsess about this guy, you’ll have a vacuum there, an open spot — a doorway. And guess what the universe will do with that doorway? It will rush in — God will rush in — and fill you with more love than you ever dreamed. So stop using David to block that door. Let it go.

Eat, Pray, Love: A Woman’s Search for Everything Across Italy, India and Indonesia by Elizabeth Gilbert, pp. 197-199

Beautiful, isn’t it? I’ve already dog-eared a lot of pages in this book because of all the quotable quotes I found, which I will copy in my journal for easier recall. :D Yeahba.

Anyway, it’s another Monday and I’ve already got two meetings lined up for today, a card design to finish and a cash advance that I really need to process. Busy, busy day, no time for any other things like reading or PS3. By God’s grace, I’ll go through this day with flying colors. :)

Happy Monday everyone!

Things You Learn While Watching CSI #1

I’m still on my CSI watching mode, and I have recently concluded that you get to learn a lot of things ((Things other than crime pays or you should clean up well after committing one or simply just not committing one)) while watching this series.

I am now on Season 1 Episode 9 of the original CSI, and it’s this episode where they found a dead guy inside the first class coach of a plane. There are 9 witnesses, but each has a different story. In the end there were five culprits, but none of them were charged (see entire episode recap here) and our CSI team is discussing how they should be in jail vs. they did it because of human instinct. Gil Grissom silences them all with his own answer, which is something I have written about twice in this blog. And I quote:

You all have different opinions, but you’ve taken the same point of view. You’ve put yourselves in the shoes of the passengers, but nobody’s put themselves in the shoes of the victim. That’s the point. Nobody stopped to ask Candlewell if he was all right. They just assumed because he was kicking the back of Nate’s seat he was a jerk, because he was pushing his call button he was bothering the flight attendant, because he was trying to get into the lavatory he was making a scene, because he was going back up and down the aisles, he was posing a threat. He turned into a threat. It didn’t have to be that way. People make assumptions. That’s the problem. You just did. And I think those passengers made the wrong assumptions. And now this guy’s dead…If one person had taken the time to look at the guy, to listen to him, to figure out what was wrong with him, it might not have happened. It took five people to kill him. It would have taken only one person to save his life.

I knew from experience that assuming is bad, but in this particular episode, it shows that assuming can actually kill. Interesting (and also a bit morbid/terrifying) thought. Something to think about.

I still want a DVD of Season 1, by the way. I’ll take it season by season so as not to go overload. :P

A Friendly Reminder

Here’s a little bit of comfort from my morning prayer time (I finally got to do it again before I got to work — Yay!), which hit me hard, after all the er, complaining I did for the past two days.

The clinging of the women is symbolic of the way in which we can cling to comforting things in an unhealthy way such that they stunt our growth as Christians. The nature of Christian life is that God wants us to be always moving forward. He is not interested in us becoming comfortable in one way or another with our present faith experiences as He knows there is always so much more for us to receive from Him…clinging is usually symptomatic of the desire to remain static and not to accept the challenge of letting go in faith and trusting that we will be able to make the next few steps of the adventure of lifeI will have to get better that letting go of controls in my life and trusting that God will lead me to the right and best place for me.
– Fr. Steve T.

I know this already, but as usual, little old weak me needs reminding from Someone who definitely knows better. Thank You.

By God’s grace, I will live through this. I will cling to nothing else but Him. This is my Great Adventure.

Happy Tuesday everyone. :)

Toned down and cracked

I try to believe…that God doesn’t give your more than one little piece of the story at once. You know, the story of your life. Otherwise your heart would crack wider than you could handle. He only cracks it enough so you can still walk, like someone wearing a cast. But you’ve still got a crack running up your side, big enough for a sapling to grow out of. Only no one sees it. Nobody sees it. Everybody thinks you’re one whole piece, and so they treat you maybe not so gentle as they would if they could see that crack.
– Vivi Walker (Divine Secrets of the Ya-Ya Sisterhood by Rebecca Wells)

Calling in sick

I think I’m going to miss the first day of Job Expo at school tomorrow. I’m still kind of sick — and now I’m slightly heaving from the asthma. My nose is still clogged and I’m feeling kind of weak. Darn colds. Oh well. Let’s see tonight if I’m well enough to go tomorrow.

Last night was the second to last SFC-CLP (for those who don’t know, it means Singles for Christ Christian Life Program. It’s the entry point to SFC) and in my opinion, it was a pretty good wrap up. :) And instead of a discussion group, we had an open forum, and one thing struck me last night: to be able to move on to SFC, one must really embrace the SFC culture. I have to admit, I was a bit hesitant to be chummy with all of them because I feel like I’m too serious and all that. If not too serious, too young. But then again, I knew that God placed me there for a reason and that it’s His will for me to be there at the particular SFC chapter. Anyway, last night I felt once again that I will be able to move on and fit in with these people. I can’t wait to have a household (FYI: household is the term we use in the community for cell groups. Mighty fun :p).

Earlier today, on our way home from the mass, I got to see someone I haven’t seen for the longest time: Ate Tinapie! :) She’s one of my triplet. See, during my YFC-High School Based days, there were three of us in the sector: me, Ate Tinapie and Ate Tynna. Three Tina/Tynna’s. :) That’s why I became Tinamats because to avoid confusion. Anyway, I haven’t seen her for the longest time, and she got married last January — and now she’s pregnant! I can’t believe how time flies. :D She’s going back to Timor Leste next week though, because that’s her mission area with Kuya Anthony, her husband. But it was so good to see her again! :)

Anyway, seeing her reminded me of all those fun High School Based moments. :D

I finished reading Savannah from Savannah and Savannah by the Sea by Denise Hildreth and I’ll get to the reviews in the next few days. I read too fast. But then again, I have nothing to do anyway. I still have one unread book — Blink by Ted Dekker. Next time, Ted. I’ll read you next time.

I need to go finish my ginger tea and pray now, but I shall leave you with a quote from Savannah by the Sea:

“That’s what the right person does. But they don’t create it. Only the Creator can create…You’ve got to deal with your heart. Because until you can be trusted with your own heart, you can’t be trusted with someone else’s.”
– Savannah Philips, to her best friend Paige Long, p.300