Thursday Thirteen # 9: The Silver Screen, part 1

This week, it’s movie time. But not just any movie, but foreign movies, meaning movies not made here in the Philippines. Some of you might think that the movies I listed here are not foreign at all but that’s because you’re from the US. :P

Then again, maybe I should rename it to Hollywood movies instead. :P
Thursday Thirteen # 9: Hollywood Movies
Thirteen Favorite Foreign Hollywood Movies

  1. Bless The Child. One of my favorite movies that I only watched once. What? Yes, once. I didn’t like seeing Christina Ricci’s head falling off, but the little kid was so adorable. :) I have to rent this out again one time. :D
  2. Finding Nemo. This has been my most watched cartoon movie ever. I don’t think I’ll ever get tired of Nemo and Marlin and Dory. Especially Dory. :D
  3. Cars. I watched this once in the cinema and I loved every bit of it. Mater is just too cute for words. :)
  4. High School Musical. Another loved and repeatedly watched movie. I love the songs, and I wish I was a part of the production team. :D It’s such a fun movie to watch.
  5. X-Men 2. I liked this one better then the prequel, mainly because of Nightcrawler. And Hugh Jackman is hotter here. Wohoo. :D
  6. The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen. It took a while for me to admit I like this. The story is quite dark, and I didn’t like imagining the mutated Hyde. But Mina the vampire rocks. :D
  7. My Sassy Girl (Yeopgijeogin geunyeo). Okay, now this counts as a foreign (Korean) movie. When I first watched this, I had a smile on my face when the credits started rolling. If you haven’t watched this yet, well you better because you’re missing a lot!
  8. Two Weeks Notice. This has a certain significance to me before (and yes, I have to stress that word), and now that its significance has worn off, I still like this movie. Sandra Bullock and Hugh Grant are just hilarious. :)
  9. Bruce Almighty. Jim Carrey is the best man to cure any woes and he does great here. The last part kind of made me cry, and I liked it very much.
  10. Resident Evil 1. I loved the video game, and I definitely didn’t want to pass up on this movie. I watched this six times. :P Even if Jill Valentine, my favorite character, didn’t appear until the second movie, I liked this one better. :D
  11. Spider-man 2. I liked even the prequel, but this one is just better. :) I love the train scene, where people realized that Spider-man is just a teen.
  12. Now You See It…. I watched this in Disney channel and even if Alyson Michalka can be a bit…exaggerated, I like how the story unfolded.
  13. The Passion of the Christ. This is the movie that no matter how much I love it, I don’t want to watch it all over again “just for kicks”. This movie just made me cry buckets (and who wouldn’t?!), and it gave me a visual on how much Jesus really loved us for Him to allow Himself to go through that kind of torture. :-s Just gotta love this movie! :P

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16 thoughts on “Thursday Thirteen # 9: The Silver Screen, part 1”

  1. Yes, I got caught by your “foreign” movies line. I’m so Ameri-centric! :-)

    You got a big laugh out of me with that one.

    My TT is up.

  2. Great collection of titles here; I can’t believe how many of us did movies this week. Maybe cause it’s getting colder outside! Thanks for dropping by my blog and have a terrific TT!

  3. I LOVE Finding Nemo and Bruce Almighty. My husband’s name is Bruce so the idea of Bruce as God is always extremely hilarious to me :) He was rather fond of it, as you can imagine!!!

  4. Good list of movies here. I haven’t seen High School Musical yet, but I’ve heard it’s a favorite of many. I’m going to have to check it out. And I’m not a huge Jim Carrey fan, but I really like Bruce Almighty.

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