Time Freeze

This is one of the days that I kind of wish would last for a long time. This was such an easy day — no too much work, no work issues, and just a general feeling of lightness in the day. I was having a hard time writing a review earlier, but now all is good. I got a massage, too, and I’ve never been more relaxed than…I can’t remember when. A good massage is better than the best wrinkle cream, yes?

I should be sleeping now, though. But I’m not.

I’ve been trying to think of something to blog here for the past days. It’s hard when you’re not pressured to blog. I wonder how other people do it.

On another, but slightly related note: I’ve been thinking of a way to revamp this site again. I’ve had tinamats.com for the longest time, and I figured out a way to transfer these posts there and still start anew. Of course, revamping means a new layout, and my graphic design and web programmng and CSS skills are rusty. So it’s going to take a while, I guess. I need to arrange some stuff first, anyway.

So many plans, so little time. I also want to be able to write more in my book blog, and finish my 2008 NaNoWriMo novel, too. I’m probably halfway done with the latter, now if only I can get to sit down and write and not mind what I’m writing. If only, if only life were so easy.

And speaking of easy…I’m taking it easy this weekend. Being broke means I only get to go to the gym and stay home after. I’ll write and read and do other things that I should have done before this weekend. Yes? So help me God.

Good night world. :) I promise to blog something more interesting next week.